Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA)
San-Mark A Trimble
Eskom corruption and related matters: engagement with Hawks, SAPS & SIU (Ministry present) Public Accounts (SCOPA) 10 May 2023
15 May 2023 9:47 p.m.
Dear Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA),

While the public would welcome the reports of some arrests and cases up for prosecution, the magnitude of crime, corruption, maladministration and of sabotage and when there are allegations of high profile political suspect/s implicated the matter needed much more urgency from the Minister of Police, the Hawks, SAPS & SIU, DPCI and SSA.Minister of Public Enterprises, Mr Pravin Gordhan and the National Security Adviser, Dr Sydney Mufamadi, as there seem to be an unwillingness to thoroughly investigate and bring to book those who have been involved in whatever form, shape or size of criminal activities at Eskom.

Our fragile South African economy are further being crippled by the disruption of electricity due to the nationwide load-shedding our country experience, which directly contributed to an increase in unemployment and job losses while our country is reaching unimaginable levels of dependency on SASA, state-welfare grants continue to soar.

Page 12, of Mr de Ruyter’s statement, clearly indicate that he had taken the necessary steps to report the alleged criminal activities that surrounded Eskom as expected of his in terms of Section 34 of the Prevention and Combatting of Corrupt Activities Act, Act 12 of 2004 ("PRECCA”), to the relevant law enforcement authorities and Government officials on the highest level, since 4 June 2022.
Now for any of the aforementioned law enforcement sectors, Ministers and Advisors to expect the former CEO of Eskom to have done more or blaming him for exposing the levels of corruption, would be shocking.
While the public needs an explanation as to who and how was the spend of R50 million for an independent investigation approved, because only the Eskom Board could approved such. Even greater concerns must be raised as Eskom reportedly spent about R2 billion on internal security matters, with very little report or success.
SCOPA, the public desperately needs answers and proof of prosecution of all including those alleged high-profile politician/s, seizing of personal assets instead of allowing the informed law enforcement authorities to stop wasting time and serve this country with urgency.
The longer SCOPA allow the delayed tactics and excuses offered, the longer and more difficult the situation will become for South Africa and all its people.
God bless you

Yours sincerely
San-Mark A Trimble
Chairperson- The South African Alternatives
Civil rights organization