Calls for comment


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It is important for citizens to make themselves heard on matters affecting them, by making submissions to Parliament. The Constitution allows the public to participate in government's decisions in terms of law making, oversight and parliamentary processes.

When Parliament processes legislation, they will invite the public to comment, which allows citizens to present their views, grievances and suggestions to the relevant parliamentary committee. The submissions are considered by Members of Parliament and the submitter may be called upon to make an oral submission to the Committee during a public hearing.

Here is a guideline for writing a submission:

  1. If you're making a submission on behalf of a company or organisation, use a letterhead. If you do not have a letterhead or you are an individual, state clearly at the top (preferably in the right hand corner) who you are and include your address and contact details.
  2. Head the submission with the name of the committee it is addressed to, what the submission seeks to address – the subject line (this must be very clear), and include the date the submission is being made.
  3. Give details about your organisation or yourself, stating why the bill is important to you, and how it will affect you or the public.
  4. This should be followed by a paragraph underlining the problems you have with the bill and your proposed solutions or recommendations. Remember to be constructive in your criticism of the bill.
  5. Indicate whether you would like the opportunity to make an oral presentation to the committee regarding your submission.

See this example of a submission from Healthy Living alliance on the on Health Promotion Levy on Sugar Beverages