For Representatives

The People’s Assembly welcomes interest from elected representatives in the work that we do. By presenting information in an accessible, non-partisan manner, we hope to strengthen the process of citizens taking a greater interest in our democracy.

We welcome all feedback from representatives we track on the People’s Assembly - and have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to address common concerns and queries.

Where does the People’s Assembly get its information from?

We source our data from official sources - including Parliament’s website - and direct communication with Parliament, provincial legislatures, and political parties. For more detailed information please see our sources of data page.

I’ve found mistake - how did this happen?

There are two possible causes of inaccurate data. The first is if the official source of the data itself is inaccurate, while the second would be an error in the computer software we use to process data for display - an unavoidable eventuality which we will always strive to correct as quickly as possible. If you do find a mistake, please let us know by clicking the ‘Correct this Page’ link at the bottom of every page of the People’s Assembly. If you leave your contact details we will send you feedback once we have investigated the concern.

How can I add information to my profile?

We welcome submissions of the following information from representatives for inclusion in their profiles:

  • Contact details
  • Twitter usernames
  • A short one-paragraph biography
  • Education information
  • Work experience information

Please note that we reserve the right not to include any information for any reason and to edit biographies.

Can I request that information be removed from the People’s Assembly?

It depends. While we will happily consider requests to adjust biographical information on the People’s Assembly, information sourced from official records that is error free will not be removed from the website as this is considered public information.

Why are Hansards so out of date?

There is a significant delay in the publication of Hansards by Parliament.

Why are constituency offices for my party not included in the Rep Locator?

Either there is an error on our part (please let us know!) or we have not received constituency information from your party. Upon receipt of this information it will be uploaded as soon as possible. Please click here for more information about constituency offices.