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Alan Ross Mcloughlin


  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Legacy Report 20 Mar 2019

    Mr A Mcloughlin (DA) stated that any amounts that are appropriated have to be accounted for. Even though Parliament is not a department it still gets money from the National Treasury and should report to this Committee somehow even if it is via the Treasury.
  • Committee Report on Division of Revenue Bill 2019 12 Mar 2019

    On page 4, the Treasury had an input. Mr Kenyon noted that the Treasury’s amendments were just small technical inputs on the report. In terms of page 4, the wording on the amount per household as being “set” at R4900 – this is just a statistic calculated from the budget ...
  • Division of Revenue Bill: public hearings; FFC & SALGA input 8 Mar 2019

    Mr A McLoughlin (DA) wanted the FFC to give its view on introducing clauses on higher levels of penalties or consequences for non-compliance. Commenting that “when the cat’s away, the mouse will play,” he said once means to punish people for non-compliance were introduced, the culture of non-accountability would change. ...
  • Jobs Fund: National Treasury briefing 5 Mar 2019

    Mr A McLoughlin (DA) requested clarity as to the distribution of the cost per job, given his personal calculation that, all told, jobs created under the programme cost R170 000 – what did this pay for? If this statistic was expanded to the roughly 10 million unemployed South Africans, it ...
  • Public Finance Amendment Act: regulations; Deputy Auditor-General appointment; SCOAG 2018 Annual Report & Legacy Report 26 Feb 2019

    She then dealt with the first agenda item, apologies: Mr A McLoughlin (DA), Ms D Carter (COPE), Mr V Smith (ANC), Ms P Bhengu-Kombe (ANC).
  • 2019 Budget: Parliamentary Budget Office briefing 26 Feb 2019

    Mr A McLoughlin (DA) commented on debt as a percentage of GDP. There seems to be no end to runaway spending and debt accumulation. How could this be curbed and the debt stabilised? Government seems to be finding many ways to compound problems especially as affecting Eskom. The country could ...
  • Committee Reports on 2018 MTBPS; Adjustments Appropriation Bill & Special Appropriation Bill 27 Nov 2018

    Mr A McLoughlin (DA) referred to page15, and proposed that instead of saying that the budget allocations were “spent below the norm,” it should be “underspent their budget allocations”
  • Division of Revenue Amendment Bill: Treasury briefing 8 Nov 2018

    Mr A McLoughlin (DA) said he noted the new grants, but the percentage for local government remained the same. How did they keep increasing the grants, but the percentage remained the same? The presentation had stated that “a new Integrated Urban Development Grant would be introduced for intermediate cities to ...
  • 2018 MTBPS: Human Sciences Research Council briefing 7 Nov 2018

    Mr A McLoughlin (DA) thanked the HSRC for their work and their insight, as they tend to pick out, on top of what they already know, a few new frights. They had spoken about 13.4 million South Africans living below the poverty line -- what did they regard as the ...
  • 2018 MTBPS: Public Service Commission input 6 Nov 2018

    Mr A McLoughlin (DA) referred to the number of people employed by the DoH, and asked if it would be possible to provide a breakdown in terms of nurses, doctors, and administrative personnel. The PSC had stated that out of 36 eligible Directors General (DGs), 30 had submitted performance agreements ...