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Committee appearances

  • Transnet Strategy and Challenges 2003/2004: briefing 19 Nov 2003

    The Public Enterprise Annual Report was tabled for adoption before the Portfolio Committee. Mr Theron (DA) proposed that the Annual Report be Adopted. Mr Frolick (ANC) seconded the proposal.
  • Eskom Enterprises Transformation: briefing 3 Sep 2003

    Mr Theron (DA) asked for more detail on the non-core businesses and asked what programs had been developed and planned addressing the skills shortage. Dr Banda said that they were addressing the shortage of skills issue by Eskom's involvement in a consortium that dealt with the problem, and that they ...
  • Arivia.Kom: briefing 20 Aug 2003

    Mr Theron (DA) also congratulated Mr Malele and asked whether Arivia.kom created new employment opportunities, and if they are able to keep their critical personnel.
  • Spoornet Restructuring: progress report 11 Jun 2003

    Mr Theron (DA) asked if Spoornet was managing transformation and if consultants were brought in on matters requiring further expertise. He also asked how restructuring would remedy the increases in costs and the passenger number and freight decreases.

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