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  • DENEL on financial & legal challenges relating to court order to pay outstanding employee salaries 17 Feb 2021

    Mr A Arnolds (EFF, Western Cape) asked Denel how it plans to restore its reputation, as the financial and legal challenges have affected its reputation. How will it improve employee moral considering that employees are not being paid in full? What is the turnaround strategy to retain core skills and ...
  • Upgrading of Land Tenure Rights A/B: Department briefing 16 Feb 2021

    Mr A Arnolds (EFF, Western Cape) said that the Bill needed to be re-evaluated because it was old and outdated, and that the customs and relations of African people did not recognise the remains of land right customs, especially since the majority of black people still did not have land. ...
  • Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries 2019/2020 Annual Report 9 Feb 2021

    Mr A Arnolds (EFF, Western Cape) thanked the Department for the presentation and noted that 67% of targets were achieved during the 2019/20 financial year with 30% in progress. He expressed unhappiness with the 67% achieved targets and the lack of performance by the Department. Hopefully the incoming Director-General will ...
  • Transforming ICT landscape in South Africa: Department briefing 3 Feb 2021

    Mr A Arnolds (EFF, Western Cape) said it was indeed important that every household needed to be connected and that the digital divide be reduced. He asked if the Department could brief the Committee on how the digital fund would be financed, and when it would finalise the digital economic ...
  • Department of Minerals and Energy 2019/2020 Annual Report 2 Feb 2021

    Mr A Arnolds (EFF, Western Cape) said that the two departments had shown improvements but need to deal with the challenges that affected achieving all its targets. He asked what impact will the merger have on service delivery. He asked for an indication on staff morale and what were the ...

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