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Mr Andrew Louw is the leader of the official opposition in the Northern Cape provincial legislature. He represents the Democratic Alliance in the province. He was born in Kimberley in 1969. He completed his matric at Homevale Secondary School and went on to gather a number of diplomas in marketing, operations, diversity and business management. He also completed a course in Labour Relations. He served as a councillor for the Sol Plaatje Municipality in Kimberley for three years. He was appointed as a Member of Parliament in 2009 and served as the DA Shadow Minister of Labour. He has since been transferred from Parliament to serve as a Member of the Provincial Legislature in Kimberley. source:

At the Legislature, Mr Louw sits on the Finance, Economic Development & Tourism; Provincial Treasury, Transport Safety & Liaison; Co-operative Governance & Traditional Affairs & Human Settlements committees respectively.



Committee appearances

  • Commission for Conciliation, Mediation & Arbitration: Forensic Audit report 16 Aug 2010

    Mr A Louw (DA) said that he was not quite clear on the split quotation issue. On page 5 of the report there was reference to a figure of R612 760, which meant that there was clearly a contravention of the SCM procedures. He asked whether this was due to ...
  • Productivity SA Annual Report 2008/09 27 Oct 2009

    Mr A Louw (DA) asked why, since both Productivity SA and Umsobomvu Youth Fund (UYF) appeared to be doing training, the training was not being centralised at the SETAs. He asked what the end goal was in training school pupils. He also enquired as to the criteria for the granting ...
  • Department of Labour, Compensation Fund, Unemployment Insurance Fund: Annual Reports 2008/09 19 Oct 2009

    Mr A Louw (DA) asked why the Department was struggling to resile from its contract with Siemens, if that company was not producing good results.
  • Assessment of public hearings on Labour Brokering & the Way Forward 31 Aug 2009

    Mr A Louw (DA) said that the submissions made during the public hearings included very touchy issues and the personal testimonies of people subjected to ill-treatment and abuse. He said that the Democratic Alliance (DA) was completely against the exploitation and ill-treatment of workers and labour brokers guilty of abusing ...
  • Labour Brokering: public hearings continued 25 Aug 2009

    Mr A Louw (DA) reaffirmed that the public hearing process was not a decision-making process but was for the purpose of hearing other views on the matter. He asked why it was necessary to ban labour brokering when labour brokers had shown willingness to create jobs. Not all labour brokers ...

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  • Questions asked to the President of the Republic 30 Nov 2015

    Whether he held any meetings with certain persons (names furnished); if so, (a) on what date was each specified meeting held, (b) where was each specified meeting held and (c) what was discussed at each specified meeting?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans 16 Nov 2015

    (1) With reference to various replies received from her predecessors pertaining to the movement of the President, Mr Jacob G Zuma, and all relevant operational planning requirements (details furnished) and with reference to her replies to question 1221 on 9 June 2015, question 1941 on 9 June 2015 and question ...
  • Questions asked to the President of the Republic 23 Oct 2015

    In the light of the Supreme Court of Appeal's finding on 8 October 2015, in the Hlaudi Motsoeneng case and the implications the specified court’s finding has for the powers of the Public Protector, what actions is he going to take to comply with the remedial actions contained in the ...

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