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Committee appearances

  • DIRCO & ARF 2019/20 Quarter 4 Report; Briefing on conflict hotspots in Africa 26 Jun 2020

    Mr B Nkosi (ANC) said the Committee should not simplify the problems that beset the continent. The report was saying that the continent faced largely structural problems that were both legacy and also a continuation of the colonisation period. It had excluded the involvement of superpowers or foreign interests in ...
  • Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in South East Asia 10 Jun 2020

    Mr B Nkosi (ANC) said accession to the Treaty implies a gradual process will follow, and South Africa automatically becomes a Member benefitting from the agreements governing ASEAN. As it stands it will take South Africa more than 20 years to become a beneficiary within ASEAN. There are close to ...
  • DIRCO’s role in support of processes by Government to fight Covid-19 pandemic 3 Jun 2020

    Mr B Nkosi (ANC) welcomed the input by the Director-General on multilateralism, the Committee needs to debate this as at times there is some confusion on the multilateral nature of the work. When it comes to repatriations DIRCO must stick to what it is doing currently. Focus on people who ...
  • International Relations and Cooperation Budget: Committee Report 29 May 2020

    Mr B Nkosi (ANC) welcomed the summary but pointed out that there were some languages issues in the Report, specifically on the introduction. He asked the Content Advisor to accurately characterise the COVID-19 situation and how it affected the Department.
  • DIRCO & ARF 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 21 May 2020

    Mr B Nkosi (ANC) said the post-COVID world would be different. There would be challenges to multilateralism and to institutions of global and international governance, so the Committee had to look to the Department to provide strategic leadership to contextualise a post COVID-19 world. He referred to outcome 1, which ...

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