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Betty Diale


  • 2020-w241 - 18 May 2020 18 May 2020

    ‚Äč (1) With reference to the Sanitary Appropriate for Education (SAFE) initiative launched by the President, Mr M C Ramaphosa, on 14 August 2018, what (a) total number of schools were earmarked in each province, (b) budget was allocated to each province for the (i) 2018-19 and (ii) 2019-20 financial ...
  • 2020-w482 - 18 May 2020 18 May 2020

    (1) Since what date has the Mceula Primary School in the Chris Hani District, Eastern Cape, been on the priority list for toilets and fixing of classrooms; (2) will this school be part of the Sanitation Appropriate for Education campaign; if not, (a) why not, (b) on what date will ...
  • 2019-w809 - 26 September 2019 26 Sep 2019

    Whether her department has used any training programmes of the National School of Government during the period 1 January 2014 up to the latest specified date for which information is available; if not, why not; if so what are the relevant details, including the costs incurred in each case?
  • 2019-w533 - 26 September 2019 26 Sep 2019

    Regarding the Sanitation Appropriate for Education (SAFE) Initiative projects to provide safe and adequate sanitation to schools, (a) what number of projects are in the (i) planning and design and (ii) construction phase in each province as at 30 June 2019, (b) for each project, what (i) is the name ...