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  • Working and living conditions of farm workers, farm dwellers, farming communities & farmers 19 Mar 2021

    Ms C Mkhonto (EFF) suggested that the two Portfolio Committees also investigate the law surrounding child labour, particularly in the farming sector. The purpose of the process was to ensure that farm workers, farm dwellers, and labour tenants were protected from abuse and exploitation.
  • Oversight Committee Report 17 Mar 2021

    Ms C Mkhonto (EFF) thanked the Chairperson and Committee members that went on the oversight visit. She referred to the recommendation that the Department briefs the Committee on the progress of the 90 day investigation. She asked from when they should start counting these 90 days or will the Department ...
  • Employment Equity A/B & Compensation for Occupational Injuries And Diseases A/B Bill: summary on submissions received 10 Mar 2021

    Ms C Mkhonto (EFF) requested the list of individuals of those who requested to make oral submissions. She requested the names of the individuals or parties.
  • Impact of SONA & Budget as they relate to Department 5 Mar 2021

    Ms C Mkhonto (EFF) noted the Minister’s experience at one of the farms, is similar to the experience of labour inspectors on a daily basis. She said within the agricultural sector, government needs to deal with these agricultural unions because it encourages farmers to undermine government intervention in the Union’s ...
  • National Minimum Wage Regulations & Development: DEL briefing 24 Feb 2021

    Ms C Mkhonto (EFF) said she wanted to know what was done to ensure the affected employees participate in submissions. Most of the employees, specifically domestic workers and farm workers, are illiterate. This means these persons might not have the necessary resources to make submissions. She wanted to know what ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Employment and Labour 19 Mar 2021

    Whether he has done any compliance assessment with the provisions of the National Minimum Wage Act, Act 9 of 2018, since it became effective; if not, why not; if so, what (a) sectors has he found are not complying with the national minimum wage and (b) steps has he taken ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Employment and Labour 11 Mar 2021

    (1)What (a) is the total number of health and safety labour inspectors in the Republic and (b) number is located in each province; (2) whether he has done any assessment of the effectiveness of the labour inspectors; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of State Security 8 Mar 2021

    Whether a certain person (name furnished) was on the payroll of the State Security Agency at any stage during and after the specified person’s incarceration; if so, what total amount has the State spent on the person’s sustenance and upkeep ever since the person was released from jail?

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