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D K Mataboge


  • National Youth Service Programme (Member's Statement) 22 Sep 2009

    Chairperson, the ANC has always viewed young people as the most important stratum in society. We will continue to ensure that they are fully integrated into society as agents of change, because we remain convinced that youth development has a place in the broader framework of reconstruction and development in ...

  • Election Of President Of First Student Representative Council Of The University Of The Free State (Member's Statement) 25 Aug 2009

    Speaker, on 19 August 2006, the University of the Free State elected Mr Moses Masitha as their first President of the Student Representative Council. The ANC acknowledges the calls for change expressed by students during these elections, particularly as the university has been engulfed by the negative issues of racism ...

  • Celebrating A Vibrant Youth Voice (Debate On Youth Day) 10 Jun 2009

    Chairperson, the recognition and appreciation of what happened in the past and atrocities that were committed by one racial group seeking to dominate the other, is an important cornerstone of national reconciliation in South Africa. Therefore, it is a history and a past that we cannot relegate to some textbook ...