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  • Defence and Military Veterans Armaments Corporation of South Africa (Armscor) 2015 Strategic plan and funding requirements
    29 Apr 2015

    Armaments Corporation of South Africa (Armscor) presented its Corporate Plan and strategic objectives for 2015, which were broadly aimed at improving accountability on the execution of the mandate, customer satisfaction through service delivery and financial responsibility, improving efficiency, effectiveness and economical service delivery as well as the utilisation of human ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Department of Defence on its Strategic and Annual Performance Plans
    15 Apr 2015

    The Committee Researcher gave an overview of the Department of Defence’s budget, estimates of national expenditure, strategic plan and annual performance plan. The Department’s budget had increased by 4% in the financial year, and stood at R44.579 billion. There were increases in all programmes except for Programme 4: Air Defence. ...

  • Defence Defence Review 2014; deliberations & Committee Report on Defence Review 2014 public hearings
    19 Mar 2015

    The Joint Standing Committee on Defence met to consider and deliberate on the South African Defence Review 2014.The three functions of the Committee were specifically to comment, make recommendations and investigate any aspect of the Defence Review.

    A Member of the Democratic Alliance had submitted a document outlining an alternative ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Military Discipline Draft Bill and other draft bills: progress report by Department of Defence
    18 Mar 2015

    A senior delegation, led by the Secretary General of the SANDF, briefed the Committee on the status and timeframes for the tabling of the draft bills Military Discipline Bill, the draft Defence Amendment Bill and the draft Hydrographic Bill. Discussion was limited to comments and observations as the draft Bills ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Defence Laws Repeal and Amendment Bill: briefing; Department of Defence 2nd & 3rd quarter 2014/15 performance
    11 Mar 2015

    The Department of Defence (DoD) briefed the Committee on the Defence Laws Repeal and Amendment Bill, as well as on the second and third quarterly performance reports for the 2014/15 financial year.

    The briefing of the Defence Laws Repeal and Amendment Act [B7- 2015] was introductory in nature. The main ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Office of Military Ombud; Defence Force Service Commission: progress report briefing
    4 Mar 2015

    The Military Ombud briefed the Committee on its status and functioning. It was set up as an independent, external mechanism to deal with the complaints and grievances of members and former members of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF), and also as a place for the public to lodge ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Department of Military Veterans on its 2013/14 Annual Report & its 2nd and 3rd quarter Performance for 2014/15
    25 Feb 2015

    The Department of Military Veterans (DMV) briefed the Committee on its 2013/14 Annual Report, and the second and third quarter performance and expenditure reports for the 2014/15 financial year.

    The overall performance overview for 2013/14 financial year had shown that the Department had committed itself to 50 targeted performance indicators ...

  • Defence Public hearings on Defence Review
    20 Feb 2015

    The Joint Standing Committee on Defence held a public hearing session on the Defence Review, focusing on submissions from the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Aerospace Maritime Defence (AMD) and Centre for Study of Democracy, University of Johannesburg. In the opening remarks, the Chairpersons indicated that the Defence ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans 2014-2019 Committee Strategic Plan & Committee programme
    18 Feb 2015

    The Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans met to discuss and adapt their draft minutes from 2014, and Members were also asked to consider and adopt the Committee's programme, strategic plan. However, the meeting became bogged down in a discussion of the current agenda, linked to whether correspondence sent ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans PC Defence: Meeting Postponed
    19 Nov 2014

    The meeting was effectively postponed to the following term, owing to the high number of apologies from members of the committee who were said to be attending to other parliamentary business.