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Delisile Blessing Ngwenya


  • 2020-w2274 - 21 December 2020 21 Dec 2020

    What total number of (a) police stations and (b)(i) Thusong service centres and (ii) Thuthuzela care centres around KwaZulu-Natal have had social workers placed in their services since March 2020?
  • 2020-w2379 - 14 December 2020 14 Dec 2020

    What are the time frames for the conversion of the temporary R350 unemployment grant into a permanent unemployment grant?
  • 2020-w2273 - 16 November 2020 16 Nov 2020

    Whether her department is ready to meet the November deadlines set by the North Gauteng High Court for her department to resolve the foster care backlog which has been a challenge for the past eight years; if not, why will she fail to meet the deadline; if so, what measures ...
  • 2020-w2655 - 13 November 2020 13 Nov 2020

    With reference to her reply to question 1801 on 7 August 2020, what are the details of the (a) urgent redress she demanded to be afforded to victims of forced sterilisation and (b) support that her Office has been giving to the specified victims who have been trying to access ...
  • 2020-w2380 - 30 October 2020 30 Oct 2020

    In view of the announcement by his department in May 2019 that a new contractor had been appointed to complete the process of converting the house of Ms Winnie Madikizela-Mandela in Brandfort into a museum and that a budget of R2 million had been allocated towards the specified project of which ...
  • 2020-w2066 - 16 October 2020 16 Oct 2020

    (1)Whether her department has done any study on the total number of unregistered early childhood development (ECD) centres in the Republic; if not, why not; if so, what is the total number of ECD centres; (2) Whatsteps will she take to ensure that unregistered ECD centres adhere to Covid-19 requirements ...
  • 2020-w2067 - 02 October 2020 2 Oct 2020

    What has been the state of the availability of beds in emergency centres in hospitals since the reopening of alcohol sales?
  • 2020-w1974 - 01 October 2020 1 Oct 2020

    (1) What number of police stations have victim friendly rooms for gender-based violence and sexual crimes in the Republic; (2) whether his department will provide Mrs. D B Ngwenya with a list of the specified police stations; if not, why not; if so, what are the relevant details of the ...
  • 2020-w1973 - 28 September 2020 28 Sep 2020

    What (a) is the role of her department in ensuring that the interests of women, youth and persons with disabilities are advocated for in the small business sector, (b) has been the contribution of her department in the development of the National Gender-based Violence and Femicide Strategic Plan 2020-2030 with regard to ...
  • 2020-w1853 - 21 September 2020 21 Sep 2020

    The SA Social Security Agency has reported that over 7 million Social Relief of Distress grant applications were received from May 2020 with just over 5 million applications approved and out of the 5 million approved applications, only 4 million applicants have been paid out, by what date will she ...