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2019 committee attendance as mp

89% attendance rate

Attended 16 meetings out of 18

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Committee appearances

  • Department of Social Development 2018/19 Annual Report 12 Nov 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) requested that the ECD policy be highlighted, and asked when the implementation and integration would take place. She enquired what monitoring, assistance and follow up was done for the victims of GBV who made calls to the GBV Command Centre. She was concerned about ...
  • Department of Sports and Recreation 2018/19 Annual Report 6 Nov 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) want to reiterate what Ms Gillion had said. Provinces are not budgeting appropriately. Their budgets should obviously coincide with the national strategic plan. Why are provinces not implementing this? What is SRSA doing to hold them accountable? SRSA is allocating vast amounts of money ...
  • Department of Arts and Culture 2018/19 Annual Report 30 Oct 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) commented that the DAC had highlighted the preservation of indigenous languages and culture in South Africa, and asked for details of what this meant for San and Khoi languages and cultural heritage sites, which were often excluded from cultural preservation endeavours. She asked for ...
  • Department of Women, Youth and Persons with Disabilities 2018/19 Annual Report 29 Oct 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA, Northern Cape) asked if the Department could provide more information on the costing of the national strategic plan on gender-based violence (GBV). The national strategic plan had been approved -- when would the Committee be able to see it? What were the timeframes to roll it out ...
  • Department of Higher Education and Training on issues raised during Annual Performance Plan briefing 11 Sep 2019

    Ms D Christians (DA; Northern Cape) thanked the Chairperson and assured that her input will be short and sweet. She would not repeat what her colleagues have said about book and accommodation allowances that are spent irregularly.

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