Mr Dingaan Jacob Myolwa

Member of the National Assembly

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Dingaan Jacob Myolwa

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About Dingaan Jacob Myolwa

Mr Myolwa was appointed as a Member of the Provincial Legislature (MPL) on 22 October 2013.

Mr Myolwa served as the underground Umkhonto We Sizwe member and in the military camp in Tanzania while in exile. He also served as the PR Councilor for Ingquza Hill Local and OR Tambo respectively. Until recently, he served as the OR Tambo Executive Mayor.

The former OR Tambo Executive Mayor holds international certificates in Local Government and administration, and feels that his experience and knowledge will help towards the advancement of Legislature’s mandate. “I know the pressure will be more now that I am an MPL but I will do my best to serve the African National Congress led government,” he said.

On 6th January 2021 he started his role as a Member of Parliament in the National Assembly.


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