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Elphus Fani Mathebula


  • Public Works & Infrastructure Budget: Committee Report 11 May 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) stated that, in relation to the issue of misconduct by employees, it should be added in the recommendations that the Committee sticks to the time stipulated in its policies so that it has adequate time to deal with any instance of misconduct.
  • CIDB, CBE, IDT & Agrément SA 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 11 May 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) said that sexual harassment is problematic in the country and he was especially concerned that it was taking place in entities within the Department. He added that responding to these kinds of matters takes time because the issue is twofold, it is both a criminal act ...
  • Expropriation Bill: oral submissions day 2 25 Mar 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) noted that Mr Musto was concerned that the Bill would make landowners vulnerable by giving government unfettered powers to expropriate property. However, the Bill required that property could be expropriated only in the public interest and only if the property was not being properly used. If ...
  • DPWI on work completed to strengthen its mandate, with specific reference to Draft Public Works Bill 17 Mar 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) said the Department needed the bill in order to fast-track service delivery to South Africans. If this bill was not in place, common sense would be used in running the DPWI, and they would therefore run the risk of being legally challenged in the future.
  • Petition on how the Extended Public Works Program employs job seekers 16 Mar 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) appreciated the decision by Mr August to exercise his constitutional right to engage members on the petition. This was encouraging and they needed to be put under the microscope as politicians. Mr August had done this. The Portfolio Committee needed to assure Mr August that any ...
  • DPWI & PMTE 2020/21 Quarter 3 performance 10 Mar 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) worried about the high senior managerial vacancy rate, especially the ADG post. What is the progress of the court proceedings between the Department and the suspended Director- General (DG)? Is there any disciplinary process in place? Mr Mathebula was of the view that parallel to the ...
  • MoU with provinces to ensure expeditious opening of shelters for GBVF survivors: DPWI briefing 3 Mar 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) agreed with the Chairperson on the need to comply with health protocol in avoiding the spread of Coronavirus. In one of the speeches, the President said GBVF is a second pandemic. One needs to appreciate this initiative of making buildings available for victims and survivors of ...
  • DPWI on implementation of oversight reports recommendations (Beitbridge, Jersey Barrier Wall and Parliamentary Villages) 24 Feb 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) stated that the previous time they received a report in relation to the Beitbridge Border, they were told that there were 11 officials suspended. This presentation and report stated that one of the officials, who was alleged to have been involved in the corruption, was part ...
  • Quarter 1 & 2 report; Committee Programme 17 Feb 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) mentioned the issue of the forthcoming public hearings and the current difficulty of engaging with the public. He proposed that the public hearings be moved to the second term, or alternatively to the constituency period.
  • Expropriation Bill: discussion 3 Feb 2021

    Mr E Mathebula (ANC) was concerned that only 209 people had made electronic submissions. South Africa had a population of over 50 million people, and clearly not everybody had access to devices to make electronic submissions. It was not in line with the Constitution that so few people could represent ...