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  • 2020 Second Adjustments Appropriation Bill & MTBPS: finalisation & committee reports 1 Dec 2020

    Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) apologised for being late as she was coming from another meeting and also asked that the abstention of the EFF be noted.
  • Second Adjustments Appropriation Bill: SAPS briefing 25 Nov 2020

    Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) thanked SAPS for the report. She expressed her disappointment with the police on the Brackenfell protest, and commented on how they handled the protest at Kimberly. Both protests were the same situation, but were handled differently. In Brackenfell, the police wanted to disrupt the whole process. ...
  • DEL preliminary assessment of 2019/20 annual report; Committee Reports 21 Oct 2020

    Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) referred to the slide that noted the misconduct cases that were pending due to various reasons, but highlighting the national lockdown as a factor for the delay. She said that these cases would need to be addressed, notwithstanding the lockdown, as an example could be seen ...
  • CSIR on impact of Covid-19 on its operations 20 Oct 2020

    Ms N Ntlangwini (EFF) said that the CSIR had been complaining about its budget for a very long time. The onus was on the Committee, as Members of Parliament, to consider how seriously they saw the research work within the country, and their role that was now being seen during ...
  • Workshop: DPME on mandate and how it can assist Committee perform its oversight function 14 Oct 2020

    Ms EN Ntlangwini (EFF) reinforced Mr Joseph’s point on the role of the DPME. It becomes very difficult to correct a colleague if they are on the same level of leadership. Perhaps this Department needs to be reassessed. Currently, there are so many incomplete programmes and irregular expenditure. An example ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Employment and Labour 25 Nov 2020

    What (a) total number of turnaround strategies has Mr Vuyo Mafata implemented since he was appointed a Commissioner of the Compensation Fund, (b) number of the strategies has (i) worked and/or (ii) not worked and (c) are the reasons that strategies put in place to turn around negative audit outcome ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Police 27 Aug 2020

    Whether employees in supply chain management in Silverton were informed that they should not come to the office if they have been in contact with someone who tested positive for Covid-19 and/or have symptoms of the virus; if not, are employees who are awaiting their Covid-19 test results expected to ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation 25 May 2020

    What is the age of each outstanding debt owed by each municipality to the relevant water board?

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