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  • Legal briefing on COVID-19 Lockdown judgment 18 Jun 2020

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) said it is important to include not only victims, but the family too. There are families who lost loved ones and while loved ones could not speak anymore, the family members still could. This means the family members are able to share their experience of the ...
  • Departments of Community Safety & Cultural Affairs 2019/20 Quarterly performance 12 Jun 2020

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) said that when the Committee analyses these reports, targets and indicators were always spoken about, and the question of realistic targets was often brought up. With regard to sub-programme 3.1, which was the creating of partnerships between the Department and other organisations, this specific target ...
  • WCG Minister & HOD of Health- update on pandemic in the province 10 Jun 2020

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) was extremely concerned about people walking around after having tested positive due to the lack of isolation and quarantine facilities. What was WCDOH doing about Macassar where people continued to work in factories after testing positive for Covid-19 leading to more people being infected.
  • Public participation process in respect of citizen engagement on COVID-19 related matters 3 Jun 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed the Committee to the Ad-hoc Committee on Covid-19 of the Western Cape Provincial Parliament. Two apologies had been received by Ms L Botha (DA) and Mr F Christians (ACDP). The rules of the meeting were explained to Members.
  • WCED Quarterly Performance Reports 2 Jun 2020

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) said he is aware of the challenges learners and teachers face, because of the risks the Department mentioned. He argued, if there are any service delivery protests, half of the school is empty, and this affects or contributes to the high absenteeism figures of both teachers ...

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