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Ferlon Charles Christians

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  • Unplaced learners in Western Cape: WCED briefing . 4 May 2021

    The Chairperson made a suggestion: she designated Mr Bosman, Mr Sayed, Mr Allen and Mr F Christians (ACDP) as well as herself to attend. All Members agreed.
  • COVID-19 Situational Report; Third wave projections and vaccine approvals and roll-out 31 Mar 2021

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) said for the holiday period, people would be travelling for religious reasons and for family gatherings. Regarding religious institutions, he wanted to know if data showed if there was super spreading at these institutions. He wanted to know if it was possible for private hospitals to ...
  • Gang-related violence in Western Cape: stakeholder engagement 31 Mar 2021

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) asked the SAPS about the Western Cape Anti-Gang Unit, and wanted to know how many members belonged to it. He referred to Maj Gen Lincoln’s indications that police stations had been identified for the anti-gangsterism strategy, and wanted to know if those police stations were more ...
  • Western Cape Appropriation Bill: Vote 4: Community Safety 19 Mar 2021

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) wanted to know about alcohol harm reduction. He said when fees were increased, outlets sold their liquor to illegal outlets in order to generate a profit. Was there a strategy on how to stop this practice?
  • Western Cape Appropriation Bill: Vote 5: Education 19 Mar 2021

    Mr F Christians (ACDP) asked if every school got what had been required to meet the Covid regulations, and enquired what the way forward was regarding the frequency of schooling days, seeing that there was a possible surge of a third and fourth wave of the pandemic.

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