Mr Francoise Adrianus Rodgers

Formerly: KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature and National Assembly

Francoise Adrianus Rodgers

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Mr Francoise Adrianus Rodgers is the Deputy Leader of the Provincial Legislature | Finance, Agriculture of the Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu Natal.

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Home Affairs 28 Feb 2014

    What (a) is being done to educate all officials on legislation so that they can correctly and accurately assist the public and (b) processes exist to ensure that officials fully understand legislation?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs 28 Feb 2014

    (1) With reference to the Victoria West Dam, (a) what is the (i) storage capacity, (ii) current water level and (iii) purpose of the specified dam and (b) who is responsible for the maintenance of this dam; (2) whether her department has received any complaints regarding the current state of ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs 28 Feb 2014

    (1) What is the (a) current storage capacity and (b) average level of the Chelmsford Dam in Newcastle; (2) in respect of the specified dam in the past 12 months, (a) what were the extraction requirements, (b) which other entities utilised the specified dam as a water source and (c) ...

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  • NATIONAL WATER AMENDMENT BILL (Second Reading debate) 27 Feb 2014

    Deputy Speaker, one of the greatest environmental challenges facing South Africa and its people is mining. On the one hand, it has massive benefits for our economy, yet on the other hand, it has the potential to destroy the very environment in which we have to live.

    We cannot ignore ...


    Thank you, Madam Chair. If one listens to what the hon Minister and the chairperson of our portfolio committee have to say about the current status of waste in our country, then this is not a good story to tell.

    Waste statistics in our country at the moment show us ...

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