Frederik Jacobus Mulder

National Assembly

Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Frederik Jacobus Mulder

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Committee appearances

  • Property Rates Bill:hearings 13 May 2003

    Mr Mulder (FF) asked, from a FFC perspective, if the market value would be less than exemptions. He also wanted to know to what extent that constituted a problem. He mentioned the possible negative effects of exemptions and reductions.
  • SABC Restructuring: progress Report 13 Aug 2002

    Dr Mulder (FF) asked if a frame of reference was already in place and stated that he would like to be made party to the discussion on it. He questioned if it were necessary to standardise radio stations bearing in mind that people probably do no "hop" from one radio ...
  • African Renaissance & International Co-operation Fund Bill: briefing 27 Sep 2000

    Mr Mulder (FF) enquired whether the disaster fund would be used to alleviate situations such as the floods in Mozambique or whether it was to be used to send the army into Mozambique.

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