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Ghaleb Cachalia


  • Denel 2019/20 Annual Report 24 Feb 2021

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) asked if the chairperson’s reason for her absence could be obtained. This meeting was extremely important and Denel was in an extremely important stage in its life. The Committee needed to know why she could not be present.
  • Eskom on: impact of coal prices, loadshedding, electricity tariffs and escalating costs of Medupi and Kusile 17 Feb 2021

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) said “In the conclusion paragraph of the research document that was given to Committee members, it states ‘our supply remains unreliable, unpredictable’ and I say you can add ‘increasingly unaffordable,’ and that ‘Eskom is a long way,’ it says, ‘to being a successful business entity.’ The ...
  • Challenges facing SOEs; Update: SAA & Express; SOEs that have not tabled annual reports & impact of COVID 3 Feb 2021

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) referred to Eskom and the divisionalisation into three entities: Would the process be fast tracked? What scope did this provide for private sector involvement? He asked for clarity on the delays in the timeline.
  • Committee Programme & Minutes 26 Jan 2021

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) said that in the Committee’s 2021 first term programme, there was no input from South African Airways (SAA), or from the business rescue practitioners.
  • Eskom 2019/20 Annual Report 25 Nov 2020

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) said that the presentation had raised a number of concerns which he was sure that everyone shared. These included Eskom’s debt, the cost to customer and onward funding of the entity. Over the next year, Eskom would have to face a funding requirement of R1 billion ...
  • 2019/20 Audit outcome of DPE: AGSA briefing; DPE Annual Report 4 Nov 2020

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) raised concern that the continuous “whitewash” must end. The Minister was not at this meeting, and this was against the backdrop that he had indicated that R2.1 billion was being borrowed per day, mainly because of “zombie SOEs.” In view of the expenditure and non-achievements of ...
  • Follow up briefing by Department of Public Enterprises on SAA Business Rescue Practitioners 4 Nov 2020

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) said that there was much talk about restructuring expenses versus liquidation costs. The presentation simply talks to funding and the settlement of liabilities. The funding envisioned for the restructuring was over and above the R16.4 billion set aside to repay guaranteed debt and debt services costs. ...
  • Denel on financial and governance challenges 21 Oct 2020

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) said that it was common knowledge that Denel used to be a world leader.
  • Denel on financial and governance challenges 21 Oct 2020

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) pointed out that the presentation dealt with governance, which fells under the direct responsibility of the board. If there were no members of the board available to present, that was a problem. They needed a responsible person from the board, or someone that it sends as ...
  • DPE Quarterly Reports; Submissions from SAA & Transnet employees 14 Oct 2020

    Mr G Cachalia (DA) said that the Committee looks at very important issues in terms of the economy of the country and have frankly reached the tipping point.He said that he had listened and read the presentation before the meeting and it had many plans but not enough progress. Since ...