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Heinrich Giovanni April


  • Department of Small Business Development & entities 2020/21 Quarter 1 performance 2 Sep 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) directed his last two questions to the Deputy Minister (DM). When will the appointment of a Director-General in this Department be finalised? He then pointed out that newspapers were full of Covid-19 corruption scandals; he wanted the DM to guarantee to the Committee if corruption took ...
  • COVID-19 Loan Guarantee Scheme: Treasury, BASA & SARB Input 26 Aug 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) argued that the reports presented are well fabricated to cover up the incompetence of the banks in terms of their lack of commitment to rejuvenate the economy. He argued further that of the total loans they were given they only spoke of R13 billion which was ...
  • Small Business Development: Committee Report 16 Jul 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) also commented on the collaborative work done on the Report and felt it should be adopted. He echoed the need for improvement.
  • Tourism Budget: Committee Report 16 Jul 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) thought that the Report adequately covered the views of the Committee, and he concurred with the sentiments made. He also wanted to agree with some Members who believed that the Report was one of Parliament and was not necessarily a Report of any political party, and ...
  • South African Tourism 2020/21 Special Adjustments Budget 14 Jul 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) welcomed the report and said to the Minister that she should not succumb to pressure from anyone to bring a different view from that of the National Coronavirus Command Council (NCCC) and what government has agreed upon.
  • Department of Tourism on Adjusted Budget & Revised Annual Performance Plan 9 Jul 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) wished the DDG well on her retirement.
  • Sefa & Seda 2019/20 Quarter 4 Report 24 Jun 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) asked SEFA why it had overspent on black-owned businesses and under-spent on the rest of the targets, especially on women and people living with disabilities. Was this due to a capacity problem? The mortality rate was high among the over 12 000 small businesses supported through ...
  • Small Enterprise Development Agency (Seda) 2020/21 Annual Performance Plan 5 Jun 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) said that in 2012, the document titled “The Analysis of Needs State and Performance of Small and Medium Businesses in Agriculture and Manufacturing, ICT, and Tourism Sectors in South Africa,” had been prepared by Mentoring Research and Consultancy Services for Seda. He asked what SEDA had ...
  • DSBD on: SMMEs in distress; COVID-19 intervention measures; funding for SMMEs 3 Jun 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) wanted to find out what the limit of support spaza shops qualified for through the SSSP. Under SEFA’s wholesale lending programme, there were four intermediaries that had requested payment holidays. Three of these entities were based in Gauteng and one in Mpumalanga. Could a profile ...
  • Department of Tourism 2020/21 Annual Performance plan 26 May 2020

    Mr H April (ANC) welcomed the presentation, stating it was very comprehensive and that he had no questions.