Mr Hlanganani Siphelele Gumbi

National Assembly

Formerly: KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature

Hlanganani Siphelele Gumbi

About Hlanganani Siphelele Gumbi

Mr Siphelele Gumbi is a member of the Democratic Alliance and is a member of the National Assembly. He currently serves in the Portfolio Committee for Tourism.

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2020 committee attendance as mp

97% attendance rate

Attended 28 meetings out of 29

2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 21

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Reform 1 Jun 2020

    (a) What are the relevant details of the status of the Motumo Trading in Capricorn District Municipality, (b) what is the purpose of the project and (c) on what date will the project be completed?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Tourism 28 May 2020

    What (a) total number of applications for Covid-19 funding relief have been received through the Tourism Relief Fund in each province to date, (b) number of the specified applications have been (i) approved and (ii) rejected in each case in each province and (c) was the Rand value of each ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Tourism 28 May 2020

    With reference to the reprioritisation of the budget of her department as a result of Covid-19, what (a) changes will be made in the budget per line item, (b) criteria will be used to (i) increase and/or (ii) decrease line items and (c) are the relevant amounts in each ...

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  • WEDNESDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2019 3 Dec 2019

    Hon Minister, you can't get around the fact that persons with low incomes ultimately need credit to


    Hon Minister and guests, we know the tourism sector is a big job creator. It's where chefs, waiters, cleaners, barmen, tour guide operators and many taxi cab drivers get their jobs. I think that my colleague, the hon Manny De Freitas has explained succinctly. This is why the DA ...

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