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2020 committee attendance as mp

67% attendance rate

Attended 12 meetings out of 18

2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 11 meetings out of 11

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Committee appearances

  • Transport: Budget: Committee Report 14 Jul 2020

    Mr I Seitlholo (DA) asked whether it would be plausible to recommend that the entities report on their objectives and submit those to the Committee so that when talking about the provision of resources, there was understanding from a scientific point of view on what the resources were needed for.
  • ACSA, Ports Regulator, SACAA, Department of Transport 2018/19 Annual Reports; with Minister 10 Oct 2019

    Mr I Seitlholo (DA) enquired about the Shova Kalula bicycle programme. He had enquired about the programme from the Minister in writing on the 2 September. He did not get to know this programme from the Department’s APP but rather he had learnt about it from Minister’s Facebook ...
  • Department of Transport budget: Committee Report 4 Jul 2019

    Mr I Seitlholo (DA) seconds Mr Mangcu’s recommendation of removing the above-mentioned section in the report. He also asks for clarity on the last bullet point of page 37 on developing the Railway Safety Bill for submission to Cabinet by March 2020. A presentation on the 2016/17 term ...
  • Department of Transport 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan 3 Jul 2019

    Mr I Seitlholo (DA) said the less said about PRASA the better, as money had continually been poured into the agency to no avail. He emphasised the need for the Department to fill its vacant posts expeditiously. He added the Committee needed to strengthen oversight as most of the agencies ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 4 Jun 2020

    Whether his department has started the process of integrating traditional healers as registered health practitioners in his department; if not, why not; if so, (a) at what stage is the process and (b) what is the anticipated date of completion of the process?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Transport 11 Dec 2019

    Whether, since he assumed office in May 2019, he has had any engagement and/or interaction with SA National Roads Agency SOC Ltd regarding the sinkholes on the N12 in Matlosana Local Municipality, Stilfontein; if not, why not; if so, what (a) were the outcomes of such engagement(s) and ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Transport 14 Nov 2019

    (1)(a) What is the total budget allocation for the Shova Kalula Bicycle Programme for (i) the 2019-20 financial year and (ii) each financial year since the inception of the programme, (b) what is the total number of bicycles that have been distributed to date, (c) which schools in each ...

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Plenary appearances


    Hon Chairperson, hon Minister, less than a month ago, South Africa was embarrassed with the collapse of a bus station roof in Rustenburg. Locally, officials scrambled around and tried to offer comfort with the message that this bus terminus was not in use, under construction and that no one was ...

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