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Jabulile Cynthia Nightingale Mkhwanazi

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2021 committee attendance as mp

89% attendance rate

Attended 8 meetings out of 9

2020 committee attendance as mp

92% attendance rate

Attended 24 meetings out of 26

2019 committee attendance as mp

88% attendance rate

Attended 14 meetings out of 16

Attendance Methodology

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Committee appearances

  • Department of Public Enterprises 2021/22 Annual Performance 12 May 2021

    Ms J Mkhwanazi (ANC) discussed the mandate that was mentioned in the annual performance plan. It stated that the DPE did not have a legislated constituted mandate. She wanted an update on the progress of the Bill. Was the Department confident that it would meet the timelines set for the ...
  • Safcol 2019/20 Annual Report 17 Mar 2021

    Ms J Mkhwanazi (ANC) commended the work that has been done by the Board and management, and the oversight being done by the Department, under the DG and DM’s leadership. The report is refreshing. Other SOEs should be encouraged to learn from this story. Can SAFCOL give an update on ...
  • Eskom on: impact of coal prices, loadshedding, electricity tariffs and escalating costs of Medupi and Kusile 17 Feb 2021

    Ms J Mkhwanazi (ANC) asked if the Minister could elaborate on the work on coal quality and coal contracts. She also wanted clarity on timeframes, since the report indicated the end September 2021. She also wanted elaboration on the “historical poor maintenance of Eskom generation” and also “poor coal quality.” ...
  • Challenges facing SOEs; Update: SAA & Express; SOEs that have not tabled annual reports & impact of COVID 3 Feb 2021

    Ms J Mkhwanazi (ANC) said to the Minister that she hoped one day there would be enough time for the Committee to be taken through the economic environment in which the SOEs were operating. The Committee and the public needed to appreciate the work being done currently compared to previous ...
  • Eskom 2019/20 Annual Report 25 Nov 2020

    Ms J Mkhwanazi (ANC) welcomed the report and acknowledged the work being done at Eskom thus far. The work being done in Government was to help peoples’ lives, help people fight poverty, inequality, unemployment, and corruption. A question for the Eskom Board was what the reasons were for the non-achievement ...

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Plenary appearances

  • WEDNESDAY, 3 DECEMBER 2019 3 Dec 2019

    In future hon Minister, how is your department going to share the information about the equity statistics in the entities so that the racial chauvinism that is perpetrated by those who seek to sow confusion in the nation does not find a fertile ground to reverse the gains of the ...


    Thank you, Chairperson. In support of identified for the gender-based violence victims, we welcome the immediate action plan outlined by His Excellency the President, which aims to combat violence against women and children through a co- ordinated government and civil society efforts. Some of these are identification of strategic buildings ...

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