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Jane Seboletswe Mananiso


  • TAKE 5 - STARTS AT 14:50 25 Feb 2020

    Chairperson, Deputy President, Ministers, Deputy Ministers, hon members and fellow South Africans, I want you to note that during our deliberations members of the opposition party didn't have a say. At least they have consulted and now we know that they are adopting the Bill.

    The ANC as the governing ...

  • STATE OF MUNICIPALITIES UNDER SECTION 139(B) (Member's Statement) 26 Nov 2019

    Chairperson, the ANC condemns the vandalism and setting of fire on trains in Gauteng recently. Some of the affected station includes Park Station, Maritzburg, Braamfontein and Germiston. It is alleged that in Park station a number of criminals possible entered the station attacking and looting some of the shops. Breaking ...

  • NOTICES OF MOTION 24 Oct 2019

    House Chairperson, I hereby give notice that, on the next sitting day of the House, I shall move

    on behalf of the ANC that the House debates skills development and employment as key issues for persons with disabilities in order to gain the necessary skills and have the opportunity to ...


    Hon Chairperson, Ministers, Deputy Minister, hon Members of Parliament and fellow citizens, our economic viability is largely to do with our skills set. Maths, Science and Technology are staples of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

    Chairperson, allow us as the ANC, to mourn one of our own, Mandla Maseko; may his ...