Kebitsamang Evelyn Bitsa Lenkopane

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Kebitsamang Evelyn Bitsa Lenkopane


  • State of tourism in Rural Areas 24 Jun 2020

    Ms B Lenkopane (ANC), Chairperson, Portfolio Committee on Economic Development and Tourism, North West Province, said the Committee had managed to consolidate in terms of profiling. Their approach had been to activate their research staff, including the oversight involving communication with both municipalities and the Department in order to get ...
  • National Environmental Management Laws Amendment Bill: Department briefing 9 Jun 2020

    Ms K Lenkopane (ANC, North West), Chairperson of the North West Portfolio Committee on Agriculture and Economic Development, said that North West regards NEMA as being very important. One view cannot consolidate the views of the collective of people at the grassroots level, as well as the views of the ...
  • National Forest Amendment Bill [B11B-2016]: Department briefing 2 Jun 2020

    Ms K Lenkopane (ANC, North West) was not available due to network issues.
  • Launch of the Legislature Tourism Oversight Forum (LOTOFO) 3 Dec 2019

    A female legal adviser representing the North West Provincial Legislature on behalf of the Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Economic Development, Environment and Tourism, Ms Bitsa Lenkopane (ANC), said that the Province had received the Concept Document on the LOTOFO and would be discussing it.