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Laetitia Heloise Arries


  • CDA Board Vacancies: Recommendation; DSD 2020/21 Quarter 3 performance 1 Sep 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) asked if grant applications would be considered after the deadline of 31 August. The Committee did not want to exclude people because of personal problems.
  • (Subcommittee) CDA Board Vacancies: deliberations and recommendations 1 Sep 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) added that the process needed a legitimate timeframe. The appointment of a CDA board was way overdue and the CDA needed to be functional. Could the Chairpersons indicate the timeframe going forward, so that the subcommittee could conclude the task?
  • Update on migration of Early Childhood Development: DSD & DBE briefing 25 Aug 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) asked what measures the DBE had put in place to ensure that more males became ECD practitioners. Many of the ECD centres were situated in private houses -- how would they form part of the maintenance and renovation plans? There were inclusions made for children with ...
  • Children’s Amendment Bill: Technical Team on ECD chapters/clauses; DSD Budget: Committee Report 19 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) said that she was happy there had been engagements between the Department and SALGA, and also noted the need for an engagement with the DBE to fast track the process.
  • Children’s Amendment Bill: public hearings day 5 18 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) said that the ECD sector has been treated as the step child of the education system. When one looks at ECD practitioners earning less than R1000 per month. This really needs to be looked at with a formal qualification and a regulatory council that ECD practitioners ...
  • Children’s Amendment Bill: public hearings day 3 13 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) said that there needed to be equality in the foster care and adoption grants because there was a huge difference between them. To the Women’s Legal Centre, she asked whether it was possible for a 16-year-old to give consent to be sexually active and said that ...
  • Children’s Amendment Bill: public hearings day 2 12 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) raised the issue regarding virginity testing and giving consent for the test. She requested clarity as to who they defined as being minors. A Constitutional Court banned corporal punishment – would it not be a violation of the children’s rights to promote corporal punishment. Where did ...
  • Children’s Amendment Bill: public hearings day 1 11 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) referred to the presentation given by the Equal Education Centre and the mention of ECD’s in the Constitution. Did they think that ECD should be incorporated into education in terms of the Schools Act, specifically so that ECD learning could be synergised through the education programmes ...
  • SASSA & NDA 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 5 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) stated that Members got anxious when dealing with the SASSA because of the important nature of the work the entity is doing and the significant challenges that the agency was facing. ‘
  • Department of Social Development 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan 4 May 2021

    Ms L Arries (EFF) appreciated the presentation from the AGSA. The briefing gives a clear indication of where fraud and corruption is taking place within the Department. The AGSA has indicated that there is a process followed to institute criminal charges against wrongdoers. At what point did the Department take ...