Michael Mabuyakhulu

Formerly: KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature

Michael Mabuyakhulu

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Committee appearances

  • Committee Induction 10 Aug 2004

    Mr Mabuyakhulu (ANC) indicated that people were not aware of the Department's programmes and were being exploited by companies. This had resulted in people losing interest in forestry.
  • Department Budget: hearings 4 Jun 2004

    Mr. Mabuyakhulu (ANC) addressed the issue of toilet paper in schools. He said that the lack of toilet paper in black schools affected hygiene. He recalled that teachers sometimes use school funds to buy themselves toilet paper, while students must resort to other means to clean themselves. In effect, the ...
  • Department Budget: briefing 31 May 2004

    Mr Mabuyakhulu (ANC) wanted to know why the line on restructuring in the presentation remains constant when restructuring was already taking place.

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