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  • First Term Committee Programme 26 Feb 2020

    Ms M Hlengwa (IFP) agreed to use African countries as study tours to bring lost values as the Department of Education visited Kenya in 2019 and realised that Kenya is ahead of South Africa as far as the educational curriculum is concerned.
  • SAA outstanding matters: update 19 Feb 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the joint meeting of the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) and the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises. The meeting was being held to obtain a briefing on the state of affairs at South African Airways (SAA).
  • ESKOM Update on SCOPA recommendations following oversight visit 18 Feb 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone. He explained that the meeting was a SCOPA meeting and not a joint meeting with the Portfolio Committee on Public Enterprises as indicated in the Z-list (parliamentary schedule), although a couple of Members from that Portfolio Committee were in attendance. SCOPA would be exchanging notes with ...
  • PRASA financial management and regression: follow-up meeting with Minister & Department of Transport 5 Feb 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting. He explained that the meeting was a follow up with PRASA following the previous meeting in
  • Department of Public Works on plan to address ESKOM debt, with Minister 4 Feb 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed Minister De Lille and the Department of Public Works and Infrastructure (DPWI) representatives. He said that one of the biggest concerns the Committee had about DPWI was it had registered the highest debt owed to Eskom. Since the debt has continued to escalate despite the institution of ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Health 16 Sep 2019

    (a) What is the total number of vacancies in (i) his department and (ii) each of the provincial departments reporting to him and (b) by what date will the vacancies be filled in each case?

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Plenary appearances

  • STATE OF PUBLIC HEALTH IN SOUTH AFRICA (Member's Statement) 25 Feb 2020

    Hon Chairperson, the state of public health in South Africa leaves in a lot to be desired. The states in which hospitals in many parts of the country are indeed suddenly if they are at least descend looking and still standing, they either suffer or a shortage of staff and ...


    Thank you, House Chair. Hon Minister, ideally, this department should play an oversight role in

    all other departments to see to it that the agenda of women, youth and people living with disabilities carried out. Has this department made an effort to specifically present this agenda with other departments to ...

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