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Angie Motshekga


  • Committee Programme on provincial public hearings: Adoption 4 Feb 2020

    The Chairperson welcomed everyone to the meeting and placed on record the cooperation that he had had from all political parties in the process. He appreciated the manner in which political parties had viewed this as a national process and not a party-driven process; a process that had to be ...
  • Section 25 review of Constitution: public hearings 5 Sep 2018

    Dr M Motshekga (ANC) asked whether the presenters were aware of the fact that many land owners had acquired property for next to nothing. Agri SA had made it clear they were opposed to expropriation if it was without compensation. Were they suggesting that people who received land for nothing ...
  • Judicial Inspectorate for Correctional Services (JICS) briefing 12 Jun 2018

    The Chairperson opened the meeting and thanked everyone, particularly for agreeing to attend the meeting, despite the fact that Parliament is on recess. He said that this was a reflection of their commitment and hard work. The Committee had invited the delegation from the JICS in order to hear from ...
  • Traditional Courts Bill: response to submissions; Magistrate Suspension Committee Report 16 May 2018

    The Chairperson reminded the meeting that Members had been asked to read the document from Department of Justice and Constitutional Development (DoJ&CD) and prepare to ask questions of the Department. The people who had made submissions had already appeared before the Committee and had addressed the Committee. Only where the ...
  • Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Parliament Amendment Draft Bill: public submission 2 May 2018

    The Chairperson noted only one public submission had been received on the Bill. Do members have any comments on the fact that only one public submission was received? Is it the fault of Parliament that public participation in the processes of Parliament leaves so much to be desired? Is this ...
  • Section 25 review: proposed programme for public hearings 20 Mar 2018

    Dr M Motshekga (ANC) supported the suggestion that the recommendations for changes to venues be submitted to the management team and not dealt with in the Committee meeting.
  • Magistrate’s suspension 28 Nov 2017

    The Chairperson said the delegation from Ghana had not confirmed their attendance, and he therefore assumed they would not attend the meeting. On the agenda item relating to the suspension of magistrate Ms VT Gqiba, it had come to his attention that she had requested to take early retirement.
  • Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill: Department responses to submissions 7 Nov 2017

    The Chairperson said that the Committee should accept the complexity of the Bill, which may require inputs by other departments. Hence, answers to all the issues should not be expected now. The important thing was for all critical questions to be raised and be followed up until the Committee is ...
  • Judicial Matters Amendment Bill [B14-2016]: briefing 23 Nov 2016

    The Chairperson welcomed the Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, John Jeffery.
  • Foundation for Human Rights on its mandate and activities; Committee Report on Filling of SAHRC vacancies 1 Nov 2016

    The Chairperson welcomed the Deputy Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development, Mr John Jeffery, and the delegation from the Foundation for Human Rights (FHR). He apologised to the delegation for cancelling the Committee’s former invitation.