Mgcini Tshwaku

Member of the National Assembly

Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

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Mgcini Tshwaku

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Mr M Tshwaku (EFF) asked how the DHA would ensure that the IT infrastructure was maintained. What would the DHA ...

Mr M Tshwaku (EFF) reiterated the comment that the devices ought to be tested on Monday due to the upcoming ...

Mr M Tshwaku (EFF) appreciated the intervention strategies implemented by the DHA and SITA. He expressed concern about whether there ...

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What are the reasons that a certain company (name furnished) has been awarded the contract to manage the funeral of ...

What happened to the R3,5 million that his department allocated to refurbish the Laetitia Bam Day Hospital in Port Elizabeth?

(a)What are the names of the (i) buildings and/or (ii) sites that are currently used as quarantine sites; (b) where ...

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... kuba bendibuza ukuba ingaba kulungile kusini na ukuba kunikelwe ngala mali? [Uwelewele.]