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  • DEL Budget: Committee Report 15 Jul 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) says that he is objecting to the budget being cut on the inspection and enforcements services because they are so desperate to have the laws enforced and even with the 500, this is not enough. The inspectors do not get around to all businesses because there ...
  • DEL on Adjusted Budget & Revised Annual Performance Plan 8 Jul 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) mentioned that the body that was to protect the rights of the workforce of South Africa was the CCMA, which was at 100% of its budget. It could not expand, could not appoint more commissioners, and was bursting at the seams. With the retrenchments that would ...
  • Fraudulent claims allegedly submitted to UIF: Department briefing 3 Jul 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) asked for the Minister’s input on the perspective that the UIF had failed the workers of South Africa, based on about 250 complaints per day that he had received for the past three months. He confirmed had been forwarding about 50 to 100 of those ...
  • Employment and Labour Budget: Committee Report 29 May 2020

    The Chairperson said the Committee Secretary received submissions from Dr M Cardo (DA), Mr M Nontsele (ANC), and Mr S Mdabe (ANC). Mr M Bagraim (DA) also submitted comments on the day. The Chairperson said the Committee will go straight to the recommendations.
  • Employment and Labour Budget: Committee Report 26 May 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) suggested reasons as to why the Department had failed. Before COVID-19, South Africa had the worst percentage of unemployed people, reaching about 10.3 million or possibly double that figure. He stated the two enterprises mentioned by Mr Mdabe were well-intentioned but the Committee needed to ...
  • UIF & Compensation Fund 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 20 May 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) commented that a lot of the information presented was irrelevant, because everything would change. Therefore, he was not sure why so much time had been spent on it when the report could have been presented on paper, and then the real issue of Covid-19 could have ...
  • Nedlac & Productivity SA 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 14 May 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) thanked NEDLAC for the presentation. He stated that much of what had been in the NEDLAC presentation covered the period pre-COVID-19 when South Africa already suffered from a very high unemployment rate. He proposed that the regulations be eased so that businesses could hire more employers ...
  • CCMA & CF 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 12 May 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) made a few suggestions. The first involved case management, where he proposed the CCMA should have some sort of barrier when they identified that referrals had no merit, and that they should be given some power in the rules to deal with them.
  • DEL 2020/21 APP; PES & SEE response to COVID-19; with Minister & Deputy Minister 7 May 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) asked, with the shrinking of the workforce, whether the government should not scrap BEE regulations, as no one was expanding the workforce at all. He proposed looking at some of employment regulations acting as a handbrake to job creation.
  • UIF operations during Covid-19 period: Department briefing; with Minister 1 May 2020

    Mr M Bagraim (DA) said the system had come online on 16 April. What about those employers who had claimed prior to this date? Were these claims being processed?