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Mikateko Golden Mahlaule


  • DMRE Budget: Committee Report 14 May 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) responded to Mr Mileham’s second point and said that he may have missed the opportunity during the presentation. In that presentation, he specifically enquired the Deputy Director-General, Mr Zizamele Mbambo, about whether the programme would be overseen by the Department and the National Nuclear Regulator (NNR). ...
  • Committee Minutes 12 May 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) said the central matter of the discussion on the Karpowership contract was that Members wanted to save the Committee from dealing with procurement. He suggested that the Committee should refer the matter to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts (SCOPA) because it involved financial issues. Secondly, ...
  • Black Industrialist Programme: DTIC & DMRE briefings 11 May 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) greeted all present and asked how on slide 9, it indicates that there are no black industrialists in the Northern Cape and whether this was not a worrying factor.
  • CGS, SDT & SADPMR 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 7 May 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC), addressing the Regulator, commented that it seems as though many industries were affected negatively by Covid. When he went to the Regulator physically, he saw people coming to either deposit or purchase diamonds. The pandemic would have affected them in that regard as the Regulator could ...
  • NECSA, Mintek, SANEDI, NERSA, NRWDI & NNR 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 5 May 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (EFF) said that there had been a high number of court cases lost by NERSA. The amendment to the current legislation aimed at creating alternative dispute resolution opportunities. However, was this an acknowledgment by NERSA that the current legislation was not in line with the Constitution?
  • DMRE, MHSC & CEF 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 4 May 2021

    Mr David Msiza, Inspector General of Mines and MHSC Chairperson, and Mr Dumisani Dlamini (Acting CEO) took the Committee through the MHSC’s strategic plan, APP and budget for 2021/22. Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) asked for the Committee to be able to see the presentation.
  • DMRE, MHSC & CEF 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 4 May 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) conveyed the questions by Ms V Malinga (ANC), who was performing oversight with another Portfolio Committee and also experiencing network troubles.
  • Follow-up meeting: Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Programme; Basic Fuel Price & State of refining capacity in SA 28 Apr 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) responded that a point of order cannot be called until Mr Kula has finished his point.
  • Preferred Bidders for the Risk Mitigation IPP Procurement Programme; Karpowership contract; with Minister 20 Apr 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) warned that two issues as they pertained to the letters had to be separated. These were the raising of genuine concerns of the public and lobbying the Committee. The public announcement of the eight preferred bidders happened a month ago, yet the letters were received right ...
  • Basic Fuel Price & measures to address fuel increases: DMRE & AASA briefing; State of refining capacity in SA 14 Apr 2021

    Mr M Mahlaule (ANC) thanked the DMRE for a well-prepared, well-executed and informative presentation. He referred to the 15% premium directed to SA due to the situation “at the time’. What time was that? What situation was it and how far was the evaluation of the situation? Was it as ...