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What are committee meetings?

Committee meetings are planned events where real-world impactful work happens such as law-making, oversight and public participation - which are all cornerstones of the work our MPs do. Although often citizens focus on the public debate taking place in main chambers, the majority of MPs' time is spent working within committees. Here is a place to see what your committee is saying.

Ms M Chueu (ANC) said that the Department needed to make a follow up on the conditional grants that are ...

Ms M Chueu (ANC) said that the issues brought to the attention of the Speaker, regarding women in Parliament had ...

Ms M Chueu (ANC) said that the presence of the Director-General in oversight meetings was important. She was concerned that ...

Questions asked to ministers:

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Written questions and feedback are essential tools used by MPs for oversight and hold the executive accountable. This oversight mechanism allows MPs’ to extract detailed information that would normally be difficult to comprehend through oral engagement. You can see the questions that your MPs are asking here.

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What are plenary appearances?

Plenary sessions are forums that have been created for the purpose of public debate and decision-making. This mechanism is used to convey the messages of our MPs within main chambers on important decisions, like how they vote.

Hon Chairperson, hon Minister, hon chair of the committee, I also want to greet everyone in the House.

I just want to address a few things. It is this government, ...

I am not talking about farms; I am talking about our liberation. You must liberate your women first. [Interjections.]