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Alfred Tseki

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95% attendance rate

Attended 20 meetings out of 21

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Committee appearances

  • Department of Human Settlements 2019/20 Quarter 3 Performance 28 Feb 2020

    Mr M Tseki (ANC) asked whether Quarter 4 and the annual report will be presented differently. On non-spending, it’s a good idea to withhold money to encourage provinces to spend. On the anti-fraud processes, what is the Department doing? Members report on experiences from where they each come from ...
  • Department of Water and Sanitation 2019/20 Quarter 3 performance 25 Feb 2020

    Mr M Tseki (ANC) addressed issues of performance and expenditure, and said it was concerning that non-financial performance was at 29% and financial performance at 59%. He felt that the performance of the WTE was improving, but justifications for non-performance -- especially in the main account -- were unreasonable. For example, ‘delays ...
  • Status of housing provision in Gauteng: National & Provincial Department briefing 18 Feb 2020

    Mr M Tseki (ANC) said there should be three catalytic projects identified in Gauteng, where the objective would be the integration of services implemented together with the projects. These services include sanitation, roads, electricity, schools etc. He added that there needed to be a clear report on the issue of ...
  • Community Schemes Ombud Services & Estate Agency Affairs Board on AGSA audit findings and other matters 3 Dec 2019

    Mr M Tseki (ANC) commented that if media articles arise, they should forward these to the Committee Chairperson. He said that a Member of Parliament cannot protect members of staff when there are allegations against the CEO. The platform to raise these issues is with human resources and industrial relations ...
  • Department of Water and Sanitation Quarter 2 performance: follow-up briefing 26 Nov 2019

    Mr M Tseki (ANC) thanked DWS for the improved presentation. He commented on language clarity in the presentation on trade debtors (slide 17). Who is the first to pay in the causal chain between municipalities and water boards? If DWS pay municipalities, municipalities then pay the water boards. He said ...

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    A re nwe metsi, mma. A re nwe metsi.


    The policy formulation is to advance intergovernmental relations to co- ordinante harmonisation of plans of all spheres of government. Tripartite forums that constitute government,

    business and civil society in all projects, will take us a long way. This will even ...


    Chairperson, greetings to the hon members, staff, guests and South Africa as a whole. Today as we meet here to vote for this budget, we are indebted to the people of our beautiful land; the land in which the beauty was disorganised by settlers who came to settle. They found ...

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