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Mohita Latchminarain


  • Division of Revenue Second Amendment Bill & Second Adjustments Appropriation Bill: FFC & PBO Input 11 Nov 2020

    Ms M Latchminarain (ANC, Mpumalanga Legislature) shared sentiments with Mr Njandu on the reductions and asked if there were considerations about the economic recovery plan when making the reductions. She said that Mpumalanga is disappointed with the work by the Department of Public Works in the province.
  • State of tourism in Rural Areas 24 Jun 2020

    Ms M Latchminarain (ANC), Chairperson: Portfolio Committee on Economic Development and Tourism, Mpumalanga, said the province had not been invited in the previous meeting in December, so they had not prepared information relating to townships.
  • Division of Revenue Bill [B3-2020]: Negotiating Mandates 20 May 2020

    Ms M Latchminarain (ANC, Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature) expressed concern about implementation of school feeding schemes. How was the scheme going to reach learners who are at home, if parents decide not to send them back to school so early? Was there no way of feeding the learners at home?