Mr Nceba Ephraim Hinana

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Nceba Ephraim Hinana


  • Department of Employment and Labour 2019/20 Quarter 3 & 4 performance 26 Aug 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) highlighted the overwhelming evidence of the rising unemployment rate since 2019 from 26.55% to 30.1% to date. According to the presentation, there were 70 000 newly registered employees in South Africa per year and 600 000 newly registered employees on the Compensation Fund. He ...
  • Department of Employment and Labour & entities Quarter 3 & 4 reports 19 Aug 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) asked the CCMA how it is dealing with the difference in definitions of ‘essential service’ between the Labour Relations Act and the Disaster Management Act. How are the differences being reconciled? Have any steps been taken to have a uniform definition across all sectors?
  • Committee Reports 10 Jun 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) said that some of the activities noted during the visit were omitted from the Report.
  • Employment and Labour Budget: Committee Report 29 May 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) said on the issue of Nedlac, one of the objectives is it has to be very inclusive, because one of its principles is to strive to promote the goals of economic growth by economic decision making and social equity. This is one of its objectives, and ...
  • DEL, Nedlac & PSA 2019/20 Quarter performance; with Minister 11 Mar 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) said that there was a need to know what was being done about Eskom and independent power producers (IPPs).
  • DEL, CCMA & UIF 2019/20 Quarter 2 performance 4 Mar 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) said a public outreach programme is essential to educate communities on the processes in place following loss of employment. In the Western Cape in particular where people work for 1 to 3 days per week, when dismissed they do not have the knowledge of what to ...
  • Elder Care Leave Petition; DEL & Compensation Fund 2019/20 Quarter 2 performance 26 Feb 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) said he appreciated what the Minister had said about fraud and corruption, and that he had given good advice. Where corruption and fraud had been found, how many had been charged for it? Had the money ever been recovered? What was the nature of the misconduct ...
  • Committee Reports 19 Feb 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) proposed the adoption of the minutes as they were.
  • Orientation workshop continued 5 Feb 2020

    Mr N Hinana (DA) asked the whether the LRA had the responsibility for securing jobs. Legislation was passed to fulfil a mandate -- had the LRA fulfilled that mandate, because unemployment was increasing?
  • Employment equity status: Commission for Employment Equity briefing 27 Nov 2019

    Mr N Hinana (DA) stated that its embarrassing that in 25 years of democracy there is a persistence in reduction in employment equity and therefore the director general and ministry should commit themselves. He further asked why the EAP has not been increased as the figures are appalling. What is ...