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Nombulelo Lilian Hermans


  • UIF Covid-19 TERS benefit: AGSA benefits; COVID-19 procurement matters pertaining to disaster relief measures: DEL briefing 4 Sep 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) asked if the weaknesses in the UIF system were identified prior to or subsequent to the loss of the R5.7 million to one fraudulent claim. AGSA had said that it implemented measures to safeguard double dipping but it had not made it clear when it implemented ...
  • Department of Employment 2019/20 Quarter 3 & 4 performance 2 Sep 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) said she appreciates inspections being done in different sector, and asked about the transport sector. She said one did not know the Department inspects some of these sectors. For example, inspections are done in the taxi industry to check if the minimum wage is observed.
  • DEL Budget: Committee Report 15 Jul 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) seconds Mr Mdabe’s addition to the observations. There are no objections to this addition.
  • Fraudulent claims allegedly submitted to UIF: Department briefing 3 Jul 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) seconded the proposal put forward by Ms Nkabane. She commented that also they needed to check the Commissioner’s statement that they did not have the full complement of staff coming in as a result of the COVID-19 measures implemented. If the Committee visited the UIF for ...
  • Committee Minutes 24 Jun 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) she said the abbreviation was COID Act (Compensation of Injury on Duty) not CIOD.
  • Committee Reports 10 Jun 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) said that there were three key items missing from the Report about the walkabout at the facilities. The first one is the interaction with the walk-in clients. Members were able to see how employees interacted with clients and handled cases. The second item was that the ...
  • Employment and Labour Budget: Committee Report 3 Jun 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) moved the adoption, and Ms Zuma seconded.
  • Employment and Labour Budget: Committee Report 29 May 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) said the agreement at the previous meeting was, when the Committee meets on the current day, all submissions must already have been made. Mr Bagraim only sent his submissions now. The issue is he comes and says he is not agreeing to issues of Members, which ...
  • UIF & Compensation Fund 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 20 May 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) appreciated the legislative changes and the inclusion of domestic workers, who had previously been excluded from worker benefits.
  • CCMA & CF 2020/21 Annual Performance Plans 12 May 2020

    Ms N Hermans (ANC) wanted to know what interventions were in place for companies facing liquidation post-COVID-19. Also, how was it going to be controlled in terms of those that had already benefited from the Department’s interventions post-COVID-19?