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Committee Meetings Attended

  • Transport Department of Transport budget: Committee Report
    4 Jul 2019

    The Content advisor presented on the Draft Report of the Portfolio Committee on Transport on Budget Vote 35. The sections presented on included the Committee Observations and Recommendations as discussed in a previous meeting.

    Several comments, questions, recommendations and concerns were raised by the Committee, especially with regards to the ...

  • Transport Department of Transport 2019/20 Annual Performance Plan
    3 Jul 2019

    The Committee met with the Department for a briefing on the 2019/20 Budget and Annual Performance Plan (APP). Preceding the presentation from the Department, the Committee Researcher highlighted key issues for consideration by the Committee in relation to the Department’s performance.

    The Committee Researcher, in highlighting key areas for consideration ...

  • Transport Election of Committee Chairperson
    2 Jul 2019

    The Committee held its first meeting of the sixth term of Parliament to elect its Chairperson.

    The Committee Secretary called for nominations for the position of Chairperson from Members. A DA Member nominated Mr C Hunsinger (DA) for the position. An ANC Member nominated Mr M Zwane (ANC) for the ...

  • Transport Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (C-BRTA) governance
    4 Dec 2018

    The Committee met with the Cross-Border Road Transport Agency (CBRTA) to hear about matters pertaining to governance in the Agency, particularly at the Board level. The chairperson and chief executive officer (CEO) had come before the Committee in October 2018 to present the annual report of the Agency, and at ...

  • Higher Education, Science and Innovation National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill: consideration
    8 Nov 2018

    The Portfolio Committee on Higher Education and Training met to consider and revert back to a decision on the referral of qualification or part-qualification to the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) for verification and evaluation. The legal team presented its input on Clause 32 (1) 9a) (b) and (c) and ...

  • Transport Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill: deliberations
    31 Oct 2018

    The Committee approved the drafting of the amendments it proposed in the 30 October meeting. The Committee would consider the Bill and approve it the following week. Thereafter it would begin to process the Airports Company Amendment Bill and the Air Traffic and Navigation Services Amendment Bill.

  • Higher Education, Science and Innovation Committee reports
    31 Oct 2018

    The meeting began with the Members proposing several stylistic suggestions and pointing out multiple grammatical errors within the content of the report. Cognisant of time, it was suggested that there should be a Parliamentary unit established for the primary mandate of proofreading and editing the reports after they have been ...

  • Transport Road Accident Benefit Scheme Bill: final proposed amendments
    30 Oct 2018

    The Department of Transport took the Committee through the working draft of the Road Accident Benefit Scheme clause by clause noting all the proposed amendments that had been effected for its approval. Members agreed to the proposed amendments and there were no substantive changes proposed and effected further. DoT also ...

  • Higher Education, Science and Innovation National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill: deliberations
    24 Oct 2018

    The Committee met to consider and discuss the National Qualifications Framework Amendment Bill [B20-2018].

    The Committee felt that since at least three stakeholders had bemoaned the definition of ‘authentic’ as being vague and creating confusion, it wanted to know whether the newly drafted definition covered all the possibilities of inauthenticity. ...

  • Higher Education, Science and Innovation Student-centred fees model & outstanding allowances: progress report by NSFAS, DHET, USAf, SACPO, SAUS, SAFETSA; with Minister
    30 May 2018

    The Committee was briefed on progress in the roll-out of the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) student-centred model, and the payment of outstanding allowances to students. The entities which provided details of the wide-ranging challenges they faced, as well as recommendations to resolve troublesome areas, were NSFAS, the Department ...