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2019 committee attendance as mp

84% attendance rate

Attended 21 meetings out of 25

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Committee appearances

  • Committee hosting Chinese delegation 6 Sep 2019

    Ms N Peacock (ANC) appreciated and welcomed the Chinese delegation to South Africa and the Committee. She said that she hoped that given that the relationship has been started, as the Committee is meeting for the first time with this Chinese delegation that it should be kept this way. She ...
  • Induction Workshop by SAPS, CPS, IPID & PSIRA 21 Aug 2019

    Ms N Peacock (ANC) said that the presentation does not inspire output and asked how the despoliation of SAPS can be improved. Is there an example of the best performing police station versus the worst? The comparison will help the underperforming ones.
  • PSIRA & Civilian Secretariat for Police 2019/20 Annual Performance Plans; Budget Reports 9 Jul 2019

    Ms N Peacock (ANC) said that SAPS had reported there were a lot of unaccounted firearms, and she asked what PSIRA’s view was on that. How did they intend on improving through being self-funded ? Security companies recruited personnel from other institutions, so how did the Authority inspect the reliability ...
  • SAPS 2019/20 Budget: Programme 2: Visible Policing & Programme 3: Detective Services 3 Jul 2019

    Ms N Peacock (ANC) asked about ICTS technology systems within SAPS. How far was SAPS in preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The President emphasised decent job creation, yet the system was outsourced. Could the SAPS department look at insourcing by establishing an IT department and monitor it as a ...
  • SAPS 2018/19 Budget: Programme 1 Administration 2 Jul 2019

    Ms N Peacock (ANC) referred to the slides in the presentation, specifically, compensation of employees which stood at 78.2% of the SAPS budget. What was a standard norm for personnel costs for SAPS to be operational? The Committee needed to know so that when it did oversight monitoring it ...

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