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Nthako Sam Matiase


  • 2021-w778 - 04 May 2021 4 May 2021

    With reference to the establishment of the Land and Agrarian Reform Agency to which the President of the Republic, Mr M C Ramaphosa, referred in his State of the Nation Address on 11 February 2021, (a) what (i) are the timelines for the establishment of the specified entity and (ii) ...
  • 2021-w433 - 15 April 2021 15 Apr 2021

    (a) What is the full package of assistance that her department has provided to farmers since the beginning of the lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19 in 2020 and (b)(i) what total number of black farmers have benefited from the specified assistance and (ii) for what total amount did ...
  • 2021-w48 - 03 March 2021 3 Mar 2021

    (a) What role can reclamation, restoration and rehabilitation of degraded land play in increasing food production and (b) has her department identified degraded land for this purpose?
  • 2021-w49 - 26 February 2021 26 Feb 2021

    What total number of young persons have benefited from agricultural education, extension services young farmers’ development and empowerment opportunities provided by the National Rural Youth Service Corps Programme?
  • 2020-w2520 - 24 December 2020 24 Dec 2020

    Whether, since she had announced her department’s plan to release state-owned farms to aspirant farmers, her department conducted an audit of all the specified farms to ascertain the details of the (a) current occupiers, (b) rights of holders and informal rights holders and (c)(i) value and (ii) current use of ...
  • 2020-w2661 - 21 December 2020 21 Dec 2020

    What (a) total number of (i) farmworkers and (ii) farm dwellers have been evicted from farms since 1994 and (b) is the total breakdown of evictions in each province?
  • 2020-w2663 - 21 December 2020 21 Dec 2020

    Whether she has included any farms falling under the Gwatyu area in the Eastern Cape in the list of farms advertised for disposal to emerging farmers; if not, what is the position in this regard; if so, what will happen to the black communities already living and farming in the ...
  • 2019-w577 - 14 October 2019 14 Oct 2019

    (1) What number of (a) security, (b) cleaning and (c) general worker personnel who work in buildings, facilities and all other infrastructure are employed through tenders obtained by their companies or third party service providers at Armscor; (2) What total amount does Armscor spend from their current budget on security, ...
  • 2019-w791 - 16 September 2019 16 Sep 2019

    (1)(a) What amount was spent on advertising by (i) her department and (ii) state-owned entities reporting to her in the (aa) 2016-17, (bb) 2017-18 and (cc) 2018-19 financial years; (2) what amount of the total expenditure incurred by (a) her department and (b) state-owned entities reporting to her went to ...
  • 2019-w613 - 16 September 2019 16 Sep 2019

    What (a) total amount has (i) her department and (ii) each of the entities reporting to her spent on (aa) cleaning, (bb) security and (cc) gardening services in the (aaa) 2017-18 and (bbb) 2018-19 financial years, (b) amount was paid to each service provider to provide each specified service and ...