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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2018 [Source]


Directorship/Partnership Type of Business
Hlonyana Business Enterprise - Director Electrical Contaction
KNF Catering - Director Catering


Description Extent Location
Residential 1.4 Hectares Naturena

Committee appearances

  • Special Appropriation Bill: public hearings 28 May 2021

    Ms N Hlonyana (EFF) asked Dr Vermooten if South Africa will not regret selling Mango because it is a South African company and a low-cost airline. There are a concerns with the way Mango operates because there a number of areas that it does not fly to. The business plan ...
  • Appropriation Bill: DHET briefing 26 May 2021

    Ms N Hlonyana (EFF) said the Committee was unhappy because the Minister and Deputy Minister were not being present at the meeting, and did not issue an apology.
  • Appropriation Bill: public hearings 26 May 2021

    Ms N Hlonyana (EFF) raised a point of order by requesting that COSATU remove the ANC sign in their background as party symbols were unparliamentary.
  • Appropriation Bill: public hearings 26 May 2021

    Ms N Hlonyana (EFF) thanked all the organisations for the presentations, which had enlightened Members in many ways. The Committee felt the pain of the Children's Institute and Center for Child Law. Children were very important, and it was a serious problem for 13 million children to be affected. They ...
  • Appropriation Bill: DCS & DoD briefing 25 May 2021

    Ms N Hlonyana (EFF) welcomed the presentation. She noted the 1: 9 ratio of officials to inmates and asked if this was the standard globally. She asked DCS to explain the Universal Shift System (USS) and the unions not accepting this. In the incarceration and corrections programme she requested COVID-19 ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 25 Oct 2019

    (a) Who is the lender he mentioned in the Debate on the State of the Nation Address, (b) who has provided a loan and/or financial assistance to Denel so that it was able to pay salaries, (c) on what date was the loan made, (d) what is the (i) value ...
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Environmental Affairs 4 Jul 2019

    What tonnage and percentage of the timber produced in the country in 2018 was (a) immediately exported and (b) kept in the country for beneficiation?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Economic Development 25 Mar 2019

    (a) What number of (i) buildings, (ii) properties and (iii) facilities does his department currently (aa) own and (bb) rent, (b) what is the value and purpose of each (i) owned and (ii) rented property and (c)(i) for how long has each property been rented, (ii) from whom is each ...

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