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Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature

Omphile Mankoba Confidence Maotwe

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Committee appearances

  • Election of Chairperson 20 Jul 2021

    The Chairperson called on Ms O Maotwe (EFF) to speak on behalf of the EFF as she had seemed to be the only EFF Member on the platform at the commencement of the meeting. However, there was no response and it appeared that she had left the platform.
  • Update on South African Airways: DPE briefing 2 Jun 2021

    Ms O Maotwe (EFF) stated that the poor performance of the subsidiaries should not have come as a surprise. It should have been anticipated and the BRPs should have given a full presentation on the impact of SAA's grounding on the subsidiaries. The capitalisation of Mango – which should have ...
  • Alexkor 2019/20 Annual Report (input by organised labour) 26 May 2021

    Ms O Maotwe (EFF) said that the document presented did not inform the Committee on what was being done to improve the situation. There seemed to be no improvement in the entity. She asked why it had taken this long to appoint a new Board. It was mentioned in the ...
  • Public Enterprises Budget: Committee Report; Alexkor oversight report 19 May 2021

    Mr D Mocumi, Committee Secretariat, reported that there were apologies from Ms O Maotwe (EFF), Ms M Clark (DA) and Mr G Cachalia (DA). Ms N Mazzone (DA) was present as an alternative. He said that six Committee Members was necessary in order for the documents to be adopted.
  • Department of Public Enterprises 2021/22 Annual Performance 12 May 2021

    Ms O Maotwe (EFF) asked the DG to explain the six Alexkor employees who were referred to in the presentation. She did not understand and needed clarity on the matter. She saw in the presentation that the Department wanted to change its current oversight process to a balanced model. What ...

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  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 16 Apr 2021

    What: (a) Total amount did Eskom pay a certain law firm (name furnished) to investigate fraud and corruption at the Wilge Residential Development project and (b) Process was followed to appoint the specified law firm to conduct the specified
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 20 Nov 2020

    (1)On what date did a certain senior Eskom official (name furnished) complete his Master of Business Administration degree; (2) Whether the degree was verified with the SA Qualification Authority; if not, why not; if so, what are the further relevant details?
  • Questions asked to the Minister of Public Enterprises 20 Nov 2020

    (a) What progress has been made with the Port St Johns Local Municipality (Turnkey) Electrification Project; (b) What total amount has been spent on the specified project to date and (c) By what date does he envisage the project will be completed?

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