Ms Priscilla Tozama Mantashe

Priscilla Tozama Mantashe


  • Competition Commission 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan 25 Oct 2021

    Commissioner Bonakele expressed the Commission’s condolences following the death of Ms T Mantashe (ANC): it was the first time the Commission was engaging with the Committee following her death. The CC had worked very closely with her, including on issues in her constituency. The CC had held a Zoom meeting ...
  • Minister on position of Acting NLC Chairperson; Update on NLC process 31 Mar 2021

    The late honourable Ms P Mantashe (ANC) had proposed that the Minister appoint an Acting Chairperson for the board, because the Committee could not leave the NLC in a vacuum. Members made a number of recommendations. Mr Cuthbert proposed that an independent Acting Chairperson be put in place until a ...
  • Implementation of Masterplans 23 Feb 2021

    The Committee Secretary called the roll and noted that Prince Zolile Burns-Ncamashe (ANC) was the replacement Committee Member for the late Ms P Mantashe (ANC) but that his name would not appear on the Committee register until his deployment to the Committee was formalised in Parliament.
  • Department of Trade and Industry 2019/20 Annual Report 2 Feb 2021

    The Chairperson said the last meeting that he attended was on 10 October 2020. He later tested positive for COVID-19 and had been sick since that time. Even now, he had not 100% recovered. Yesterday, he had to meet a cardiologist, because he had ended up having a high blood ...
  • Correctional Services Amendment Bill: public hearings 2 Feb 2021

    The Chairperson asked all present to observe a moment of silence for Ms Priscilla Tozama Mantashe (ANC), a Member of the Portfolio Committee on Trade and Industry.
  • NLC Chairperson appointment process: further deliberations 2 Dec 2020

    Ms T Mantashe (ANC) said that the NLC was an entity that had given clean audits over time. Just like any other entity, it had its problems but she did not know what the hullabaloo was about as the irregularities identified by the Minister were under investigation. The ANC supported ...
  • NLC Chairperson appointment process: deliberations continued 25 Nov 2020

    Ms T Mantashe (ANC) seconded the proposal made by Ms Hermans. The Committee should start the process with the list of nominees. The Committee could not waste resources and re-advertise under the current fiscal state of the country. She was not of the view that the process must be rushed ...
  • NLC Chairperson appointment process: deliberations 24 Nov 2020

    Ms T Mantashe (ANC) said that the ANC accepts the legal advice that has been provided by legal services of Parliament. Looking at the bulk of the work the Committee still needed to do the ANC proposed that the Committee considers an extension of three months. This was a long ...
  • Trade, Industry and Competition Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report 19 Nov 2020

    Ms T Mantashe (ANC) stated that no 11 in the concluding remarks was correct but she proposed that it not be repeated in the recommendations.
  • Trade, Industry and Competition Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report 17 Nov 2020

    Ms T Mantashe (ANC) informed the Chairperson that her network had gone down and she had been offline for the entire discussion. She asked the Chairperson to repeat what had been said.