Doreen Senokoanyane

Formerly: Gauteng Provincial Legislature and National Assembly

Doreen Senokoanyane

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2019 committee attendance as mp

100% attendance rate

Attended 10 meetings out of 10

2018 committee attendance as mp

98% attendance rate

Attended 48 meetings out of 49

2017 committee attendance as mp

69% attendance rate

Attended 55 meetings out of 80

2016 committee attendance as mp

72% attendance rate

Attended 49 meetings out of 68

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Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2018 [Source]


Description Extent Location
Residential 4 Bedroomed House Protea Glen, Pretoria
Residential 3 Bedroomed House Protea North, Pretoria

Parliament Register of Members' Interests 2016 [Source]


Description Extent Location
House Normal Protea Glen
House Residential Soweto

Committee appearances

  • Standing Committee on Appropriations Legacy Report 20 Mar 2019

    Ms D Senokoanyane (ANC) enquired about the bullet that stated that political parties must consider not allocating permanent Members to the SCOA (Standing Committee of Appropriations) as alternatives to other Committees and asked what about smaller parties because this will work against them?
  • Division of Revenue Bill: public hearings; FFC & SALGA input 8 Mar 2019

    Ms D Senokoanyane (ANC) asked the FFC what the implications for service delivery would be if conditional grant funding was reprioritised away from underperforming grants. Regarding national incentives enforcing commercial customers to settle debt, she asked what SALGA’s suggestions would be on this matter. She also asked for a clarification ...
  • Jobs Fund: National Treasury briefing 5 Mar 2019

    Ms D Senokoanyane (ANC) welcomed that the funding partnerships worked in the government’s favour. She asked who ultimately identified the beneficiaries to be recruited in projects- did that go through the investment committee, or was it done by private sector? In terms of the geographical spread: how were the figures ...
  • DPW and SANDF maintenance & personnel budgets: Treasury, Public Works, Defence Department follow-up 27 Feb 2019

    Ms D Senokoanyane (ANC) was not sure about the role of Treasury in the transfer of the function. She asked if other challenges been identified and if those challenges had been attended to.
  • Pre-Budget 2019: Parliamentary Budget Office briefing 19 Feb 2019

    Ms D Senokoanyane (ANC) asked about the implications of the negative findings and the unavailability of reports from provinces.

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    House Chair, hon Deputy President Ministers present, hon Members, and hon guests, I don't want to start by talking about the ANC haters. I don't understand this thing of people just talking about the ANC. It reminds of one of my favourite clown who recently was launching a manifesto, but ...

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