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  • Defence and Military Veterans Committee Annual Report; Committee Programme first term 2018; Study Tour plans
    29 Nov 2017

    The Committee met to consider outstanding minutes, its draft Annual Report and its Committee programme for the period 23 January to 29 March 2018 (first term). The Committee adopted all its minutes with technical amendments and also adopted its annual report for 2017.

    Members resolved to make some changes to ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Military Veterans call centre & database upgrade
    22 Nov 2017

    The State Information Technology Agency (SITA) briefed the Committee on the progress report on military veterans call centre and database.

    SITA pointed out that the lack of a credible database is considered a stumbling block to the effective distribution of benefits to deserving military veterans. The Department of Military Veterans ...

  • Defence Defence Force Service Commission on progress, action plan + challenges submitted to Minister
    17 Nov 2017

    The Defence Force Service Commission (DFSC) briefed the Joint Standing Committee on Defence on the progress it had made, its action plans, challenges it had encountered, and provided an update on the recommendations tabled to the Minister of Defence and Military Veterans.

    It reported that it had rolled out its ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Housing for Military Veterans: Departments of Military Veterans & Human Settlements briefing
    15 Nov 2017

    The Department of Military Veterans briefed the Committee on the provision of housing to military veterans. The departments responsible for the provision of houses are the Department of Military Veterans (DMV) and the national and provincial Department of Human Settlements (DHS). 

    The main point of the exercise was to provide ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Defence & Military Veterans facilities: status report from Public Works & Department
    8 Nov 2017

    The Department of Defence (DoD) infrastructure portfolio briefed the Committee on the various challenges it was facing with regard to the projects which were being handled by the Department of Public Works (DPW).

    There were currently 104 capital works projects and 56 refurbishment projects under execution by the DPW, and ...

  • Defence Defence Ombud status report; Military Bases state of security; Military Base Heist report
    3 Nov 2017

    The Defence Ombud opened the agenda of the day with a presentation on its operational independence, progress made, action plan and challenges. The main issue highlighted was the financial and institutional independence of the Office. Other issues discussed, including staffing deficiencies and reporting failures, were directly linked to the Office’s ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Military Veterans database & call centre progress report; 2016 BRRR implementation
    25 Oct 2017

    The Department of Military Veterans (DMV) briefed the Committee on progress with the modernisation and implementation of the Department’s integrated database management system, and the migration of its call centre.

    The DMV said it was concerned at the slow progress being made in modernising the database. There were challenges in ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Department on Defence backlog; South African Military Veterans Association (SANMVA) briefing
    18 Oct 2017

    The Department on Defence briefed the Committee on matters relating to its backlog and a status update on the review and completion of certain policies and possible tabling of legislation. The first presentation documented the military court cases received and finalised from 1 April 2017 to 30 September 2017; the ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Defence Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report
    12 Oct 2017

    The Committee met to consider the Defence and Military Veterans Budgetary Review and Recommendations Report (BRRR).

    The DA made comments about the role and capacity of Denel, and its relation to the Department of Defence (DoD) and Armscor; and intellectual property. The opinion was that either the Defence Act had ...

  • Defence and Military Veterans Armscor & Castle Control Board 2016/17 Annual Report
    11 Oct 2017

    Annual Reports 2016/17

    Armscor presented its 2016/17 Annual Report to the Committee where the presentation touched on financial performance, fiscal reduction, strategic turnaround and performance functions. The Committee was also informed of programmes pursued, research and development, test and evaluation facilities and a brief overview of the Dockyard. The presentation ...