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  • International Agreements with Cuba, Lesotho & Netherlands 26 Feb 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) enquired about the mitigating measures put in place to address the risks associated with the LHWP. She had no problem with the project being in the development phase but questioned the lack of transparency in terms of progress on the project. She asked what the security ...
  • Implications of SONA: Human Settlements, Water and Sanitation 23 Feb 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) asked what challenges were experienced by the DWS regarding the implementation of the Umkhomazi Water Project phase 1, if any, and how was it dealing with them?
  • Banaero Park & Actonville Petitions 12 Feb 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) asked whether the pump station was indeed built at the lower part of the wetland. She questioned why the construction of the pump station in a wetland had been authorised. Pumping money into the system was not a sustainable solution to the problem.
  • DHS Budgetary Review Recommendations Report; Committee First Term Programme 2 Dec 2020

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) did not agree with the report tabled, as it had failed to include important matters such as the irregular expenditure of R14 million during the 2018/19financial year. Additionally, the report had left out the Auditor-General’s (AG’s) recommendation which noted that there had been no investigation or ...
  • Department of Human Settlements, NHFC & SHRA 2019/20 Annual Reports 26 Nov 2020

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) asked NHFC why effective measures were not taken to prevent the R5.5 million irregular expenditure. What measures have they now put in place and why did they ignore the AG recommendations on this? What measures have they put in place to deal with non-compliance with legislation? ...

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    Hon House Chair and hon Minister, with the coronavirus epidemic that requires people to live a hygienic life, including washing hands and their food regularly: How are the people of these 55 villages in Giyani supposed to survive the virus? Thank you.


  • CLUSTER 2: SOCIAL SERVICES (Subject for Discussion) 20 Nov 2019

    Thank you, Chair. Minister, when you go to Tseki which is situated in Maluti-A-Phofung Local Municipality, people there get water on a fortnight basis. My question is, is the department going to continue with applying tankering water to communities as a crisis measure which is already expensive in a country ...

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