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  • SHRA & NHFC 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 29 Apr 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) observed that there were fundamental differences between the number and nature of budget programmes in the estimates of national expenditure (ENE) and APPs of the NHFC, and asked it to explain why there were such differences and clarify if the entity planned to reconcile them to ...
  • AGSA on Department’s 2019/20 audit findings & outcomes; DPME on DWS performance 25 Mar 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) asked what were some of the reasons provided to the AGSA on the Department’s inability to obtain sufficient appropriate audit evidence on irregular expenditure. What was the impact of incomplete records on the ongoing investigations into irregular expenditure? The majority of irregular expenditure was caused by ...
  • Property Practitioners Act & Regulations: Department briefing 16 Mar 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) asked if the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) had the capacity to handle the new responsibilities of the PPA. What did the Department plan to do, to ensure that disadvantaged individuals and youths who were unemployed gained access to information on how to become an estate ...
  • Department of Human Settlements & Housing Development Agency 2019/20 Annual Report 11 Mar 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) asked what disciplinary steps have been taken against financial transgressions that took place in 2019/20. If two officials were dismissed, what were their offences? Were their sanctions commensurate to their wrongdoing? If they committed wasteful and fruitless expenditure, why were they not asked to pay back ...
  • Water and Sanitation Quarter 1 Committee Report; Water and Sanitation Quarter 2 & 3 Performance 9 Mar 2021

    Ms S Mokgotho (EFF) asked if the Department could provide an overview of the number of targets that will be affected in their revision of the Annual Performance Plan (APP) to Parliament.

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    Hon House Chair and hon Minister, with the coronavirus epidemic that requires people to live a hygienic life, including washing hands and their food regularly: How are the people of these 55 villages in Giyani supposed to survive the virus? Thank you.


  • CLUSTER 2: SOCIAL SERVICES (Subject for Discussion) 20 Nov 2019

    Thank you, Chair. Minister, when you go to Tseki which is situated in Maluti-A-Phofung Local Municipality, people there get water on a fortnight basis. My question is, is the department going to continue with applying tankering water to communities as a crisis measure which is already expensive in a country ...

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