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Committee appearances

  • Impact of SONA & Budget as they relate to Department 5 Mar 2021

    Mr S Ngcobo (IFP) thanked the Chairperson for the warm welcome. He said, though it was his first time at the committee meeting, he noted South Africans are affected by the pandemic. The pandemic came at a time when there were already problems in the country, where people had no ...
  • Engagement with Teacher Unions 3 Mar 2021

    Mr S Ngcobo (IFP) commended the presentations. He expressed his condolences to NATU. He commented that the teacher unions were faced with the problems of the concurrent national and provincial powers. There were matters in the provinces that were not handled, and the teacher unions seemed to reach a ceiling ...
  • DBE Quarter 2 2020/21 performance; Report on Introduction of Coding and Robotics 16 Feb 2021

    Mr S L Ngcobo (IFP) greeted all present and commended the Department for its inclusion of the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC) in the engagement on robotics because this provides teachers with an opportunity to meaningfully engage with the Department and labour under one roof. He was also interested to ...
  • Mangosuthu University of Technology on governance & related matters 12 Feb 2021

    Mr S Ngcobo (IFP) said that he was partly covered by the previous speaker, but Members needed to hear both sides of the matter. There was no harm in Dr Malaza being present – this was a fact-finding mission for Members as they executed their oversight role.
  • NSFAS Audit Outcomes & 2019/20 Annual Report 10 Feb 2021

    Mr S Ngcobo (IFP) found it problematic that there was a dispute on the gazette matter. Why should this dispute be left to AGSA and DHET to sort out? He reminded Members that the last time the Committee engaged with the NSFAS Administrator, the Committee was warned by one of ...

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Plenary appearances

  • TAKE 3 - STARTS AT 14:20 25 Feb 2020

    Hon House Chair, this bill seeks to promote accountability and transparency of boards and councils regarding science and technology. We note the many technical amendments of this Bill in providing sufficient powers to ensure accountability and transparency in the boards and councils. The boards and councils oversee the work of ...

  • START OF THE 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM CAMPAIGN (Member's Statement) 26 Nov 2019

    Hon House Chairperson, yesterday the Inkatha Freedom Party joined millions of men and women around the world in making the start of the 16 Days of Activism campaign for no-violence against women and children in Pietermaritzburg. The event coincided with shocking news that a Capricorn Tvet College student, Precious Ramabulana, ...

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