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S'Lindile Ann Luthuli


  • Provincial Education Departments on Impact of Covid-19 and Lockdown on schooling 25 Aug 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KwaZulu-Natal) said that the Committee needed the MECs to come these meetings and account, especially considering that this is the second meeting where apologies had been given. Something needed to be done.
  • DWYCPD Annual Performance Plan and Budget 24 Aug 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KZN) asked how long it will take DWYPD to develop the tools to achieve its mandates. The framework and policy development should have been achieved in the first year DWYPD was established. Why has the Department failed to give the number of consultants used and the ...
  • Mitigating impact of COVID-19 pandemic: DoH briefing; DoH & DSD Budget Vote Reports 17 Aug 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KZN) noted that in KwaZulu Natal the number of infections were increasing. What strategy was in place to ensure that the numbers go down? There was a lot of fake news on social media about the vaccines which was creating panic. What was NDoH doing to ...
  • DHET 2021/22 Annual Performance Plan 12 May 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KZN) said that at the end of the third quarter, there was under-expenditure for programmes four and six, and potentially over-expenditure for programme three. What were the reasons for these expenditure trends? Funds had to be reprioritised to accommodate the NSFAS shortfall -- how did this ...
  • Umalusi & SACE 2021/22 Annual Performance Plans 7 May 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KZN) asked how COVID-19 had affected Umalusi’s performance and how many vacancies are available within Umalusi.
  • Department of Health 2020/21 Budget & Annual Performance Plan 16 Mar 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KZN) asked how many HIV performance indicators there were and how they reflected allocations for tracing HIV clients that had been lost during the pandemic. What was the reason for the significant reduction in the Child, Youth and School Health programme budget? What were the implications ...
  • National Senior Certificate Examinations Outcomes: DBE & Umalusi briefing 9 Mar 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KwaZulu-Natal) took the floor and greeted the Deputy Minister and all the guests. She then conveyed her condolences to the families of those who succumbed to COVID-19, especially learners and teachers.
  • NYDA Vacancies: Committee programme 9 Mar 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KZN) said she does not think the Committee will lose anything by uploading all the CVs received. The process should be transparent, and the public should see that it is transparent and that there are no hidden lists.
  • Implication of SONA; Admissions and NSFAS Funding and Support 23 Feb 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF, KZN) asked DBE to confirm if the NSFAS system was able to confirm if its system was able to pick-up students that received two awards. She asked DBE to state what it was doing to address the shortage of specialised teacher graduates.
  • Update on current Status & Re-Opening of Schools 20 Jan 2021

    Ms S Luthuli (EFF) raised the issue of private and public schools and asked DBE to clarify if there are two education departments as there are schools who do not have enough teachers and basic resources. On the two-week delay in opening, she asked if schools that have been vandalised ...